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SS. 3242. Chitra Calyanasundaram - Mounika Gundeti




IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:00 Good afternoonNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:03 my name is Deborah I am working in the community. It is Monica's houseIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:10 isness NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:12 Yeah, it is right time to talk to youIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:15 is nice I'm MonicaNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:18 okay you're underwent some surgery the total knee replacement surgery is right NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:24 this nurse NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:26 came here to assess the condition may I come inIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:31 okay nurse come in have a seat.NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 0:34 Okay thank you for that their monitor how are you feelingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:42 it that time of the church I was advised to use Walker but I did not walk to use a walker because it makes me feel disabled I want to walk independentlyNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 1:00 okay, I can understand your sentence during my dance so you are not using them and around us out I am not making any living Monica Are you are taking medication underIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:17 as mass.NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 1:19 Okay, so follow your medication and diet to fatten it up I am very happy to hear that. But you're also you could you tell me what is the exact reason why you're not usingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:35 I want to be independent I don't want to depend on other for my daily activities.NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 1:43 You are the independent person until you want to do that whatever the importance after using locker may proceed.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:52 Okay nowNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 1:55 actually, Monica is there a cover period for you it is a mockery to sail with you in the balance and the weight and the operating area it is the environment and sometimes in the weakened muscles which will be supportive for you that's why we are advised to use so if you're not using the walker sometimes he does cause to further injury and need for secondary surgery and so, it is the time to recover period will need to support him or resolve the waiter under pressure button surgery. It is not eating properly it will cause some major complication and so are you getting my pointIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:34 is mathsNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 2:36 so kindly I am telling you that you ought to use them very Parker until your restaurant the next step is to consult a doctor otherwise you've got just some major problems I will do my partIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:50 is nurseNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 2:54 any other timesIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:57 no. It is painful sometimes to put weight on me for extended period of time.NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 3:05 Yes I do companies remember you got mind pain I will consult with your GP to according to their pain and increase your pain medication dosage also Are you okay forIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:19 okaynessNC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 3:20 Okay. Monica you are to use in the backer fire will support the purpose further into the long game is there a cover period so it is important to use our Walker addressee got them measuring less and something says cost of under secondary operation and this is the non permanent one it is a number only thing for a supportive person until you are next to visit when use word Walker after consulting your doctor you can avoid getting my name is IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:55 nurse okayness I agree with your suggestions. I will use Walker until next follow up appointment.NC NURSE CHITHRA CALYANASUNDARAM 4:03 Okay, thank you for listening. I wish you a speedy recovery if you need I will come back the next day. Thank you Thank you


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