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SS. 2009. Odozi Stella - Linta Mathew



IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:02 Good morningN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 0:05 my name is Les Mills in charge we will start no surcharge addressIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:12 you can call me Jacob sir sure I'm doing well but you know that I had an MCAT car accident in the morning but don't be confused that I have been kept in hospital for so long so because I don't I don't have any signs of broken bonds cut so bro is after car accident so I'm very confused that could you please tell me that why you kept in hospital for so long can you please send me so fastN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 0:50 okay Mr Jacob about that okayIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:04 because I had a car accident so came in the morningN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 1:16 this caused a lot of response on vacation that registers for the most you are being discharged this will continue to take whatever you have entered this is bound to this we have to reduce information on the sidesIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:47 Okay, okay. So I want to get better in the short time shortest time as soon as possible. If any physiotherapy will be shortened my recovery periodN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 2:00 there is a better therapist and as a therapist will help you have to improve joint exercise this SSM realisation AC service we have to have the choice to be flexibleIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 2:23 Okay. Okay. So, so, how long will it take for this how long the length of the treatment could you please tell meN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 2:36 how to show that useless exerciseIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 2:49 Okay, so if there anything I want to know about thatN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 3:01 any proven drugs given to you and for my nausea vomiting problem side by side we'll come back to the hospital they will review the drugs or vaccines or follow a medication that will help to reduce the pain or discomfort that you will be feelingIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:30 okay since so if there any could be after effect or on a ongoing problem as a result of this accident after sometimesN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 3:43 if those treatments are shown before we find there will beIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:54 cases shadow cases so thank you X knows Mr. You cleared my all doubtsN NURSE ODOZI STELLA 4:10 and drugs very soon.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 4:12 Okay. Thank you, sister. Thank you


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