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SS. 2005. Shakila David - Linta Mathew



IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:00 You can start now. Okay. Hi, sister.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:10 My name is Shakeela Davis. I'm another registered nurse. I'm going to take care of you today.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:16 Okay. I'm so sorry, I think I'm feeling very good. And so, but I don't I'm very confused that why have been kept in hospital for so long, because I don't have any signs of broken bonds or cultural bruises after this car accident. So I'm very upset regarding that why you kept in hospital. So I want to go homeNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:46 I'm really sorry for your inconvenience. But one thing I'm happy because you remember why you came to the hospital. And and I'm really sorry for about your confusion when we are keeping your ears we need to observe you because you had an individual injury, Whiplash when the Whiplash is dead, we need to observe your friend 24 hours developing unit for the neurological symptoms we may discharge you today.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:21 Okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 1:23 Yeah. And then I want to tell you a few things. If after discharge, if the doctors are asking you to continue any medication, you need to continue Am I clear?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:37 Why I have been given medicationsNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 1:42 because sometimes, you may have a giddiness Okay, and then that giddiness busyness will make you to fall down to maintain that when we need to keep our medication or some pain medication social adopters will provide you because you had an injury or pain or take time to settle for that you need to be honest, logistics might receive your pain analysis you can do this you can have some ice application that also will help since you add a whiplash you need to be always okay okay. Yeah, that will prevent you need this prolapse in the future or any other publications it was helpful to keep alignment as well as also reduceIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 2:52 of cases. So, this is 10. So, could you please tell me that so I want to get better in the shortest time as soon as possible. If then my recoveryNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:11 Mr checkup you asked about is your therapy beneficial for you because they will teach you exercise which includes the relaxation exercise, the relaxation exercise, to loosen up your joints that will make you feel better and it will reduce the painIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:36 for this treatmentNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:42 that I found stay you will because you can depend on each patient will depend on the embryos. So it will take Okay one more thing, whatever instruction I given you regarding your analgesics, your medication and colour and then ice and heat application. Those are the best practices you can do to promote your healing.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 4:15 Okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:18 And then continuation of medication and exercise also in your stage and then I would love to tell you one more. Find any persistent pay if you feel like you're having dizziness or giddiness or even have a blurred vision, okay. And if anything is like that you need to ask for any medical idea.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 4:53 Okay, so So you're telling that any after effect problem as a result of this accident Yeah, okey okey sister then I was thinkingNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 5:08 okay, okay, thank you so much Miss mystery Jakob. I hope all your concerns and hope and wish for your speedy recovery also, so that you can remove this oppression you will take nice rest and relax yourself and we will observe you for the whole day. If you are doing well without any neurological symptoms, you may get discharged today.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 5:33 Okay, sister, okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 5:37 Thank you so much for the patient. Let me know if you are a pain like him. Do you allow justice? Your pain to settle down?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 5:47 Yeah, yeah, I need medication for because now we're having the head.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 5:54 Yes. The view that you can take wasIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 6:01 Okay, thank you. NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 6:04 You're welcome.

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