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SS .1998. Evelin Susan - Priyanka Akunuri



NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:00 Good afternoon.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:01 Good afternoon sNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:04 please PCIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:04 Thank GoodnessNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:07 My name is Lakshmi and we're not the registered nurse in this computer center How can I help you? Could you please tell me this document proposes How can I call youIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:18 isn't as my name is John I'm here to seek your help advice for you from my father's conditionNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:26 okay, I can agree please tell me that your father condition you the TDS or if you have any recordsIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:34 is less my father must father is 40 years old he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease from four yearsNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:44 okay. So, I am sorry to hear a father condition don't worry we are Blacks and seven disease so, it is a baby survival. So, what purpose How can I help youIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:02 isness there is no one no one is stressed my father at home and as I had got a job in other state I need to SSB some comedyNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:15 Okay. Okay. So, if you're searching for the NAIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:23 blueness.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:25 So, you So, you are asking for the Sydney community retinas isness So, I will arrange for you could you please tell me that in father's condition, what are the things in it? So, according to that father's condition, we had we learned for the current government in USIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:47 okaynessNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:49 screen please tell me that your father so he is taking any medication, no nurse okay. So, how can they know that is food indulge me know if you are telling that So, according to the health condition, if you want to that 24 hours cinco provider, so, we have we will arrange for them. So, if you want to allow us we will arrange according to the Father condition. So, please tell me that your father has more detailsIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:17 his nurse my father, his daily routine is he will wake up early in the morning seven o'clock and he take but it does his work by himself but he needs to as my as his to walk around take medicines.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 2:37 So, as my father because new data every time the nurse will be there, so means 24 hours needed isness so Okay, I will I will talk to my man, ginger. So, they will once they will arrange for the nurse we have many type of commentarial nurses there. So which one is suitable for the Father? So according for a father condition we will arrange for for arranged for him. So please, we did once there is no spill ready? We will contact you IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:14 okaynessNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:16 Okay, so could you please the contact number please do that. No, contact your number. So we will contact theIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:25 okaynessNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:26 Okay, thank you. Could you please do we have any concernIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:31 known as nothing is I think you make nuclear on my door.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:36 Okay, hopefully you're understanding what I'm saying. So once the nurse will available, we will inform you take advice.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:43 Thank goodness. NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:45 Thank you.


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