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SS .1996. Siby Thomas - R. Leena



NS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 0:03 Good morning.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 0:04 Good morning us.NS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 0:06 My name is Jonas, I'm one of the most well what is your websiteIR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 0:17 or my child's name is Josie and I'm an A Maggie female, three years old. I was brought her to the hospital for the poor and she's suffering from chest tightness, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. But I was very much worried and fearful as I thought she has asthma so I came to this hospital but there is no one who's taking care of my my daughter, tell doctor to to come and attend my daughter's cell doctor to come and see my doctor. I was leaving since one notNS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 0:56 talking. Yeah, I understand your difficulties and your concerns are very reasonable regarding your child, being a mother I can understand it is very overwhelming. But Maggie, try not to worry, we are here to help you know, I'm taking her important observation which I will be conveying to doctor so that we will be coming into your sign and say that the inconvenience caused because of the emergency fund with me standing very busy and we are running short of shortage of staff. I know your doctor is attending doctor is attending another patient needs particularly. And once he's finished with seeing the other patient, he will definitely come and meet your child in order to make a placement plan.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 1:45 Know how much time should I wait here, I was waiting since one now and there is no one who is coming and checking my daughter, I was very much worried about my daughter actually, I was thinking that she has asthma. There is no one who is taking care of please call the doctor and let my let her talk to see my daughterNS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 2:08 many lags. And that becomes I'm doing the assessment for yourself. So my assessment is not that your child is not so sick, she just have the difficulty but it is not an asthma. And please wait for the doctor to make a final diagnosis and I told you the department is running this and the doctor will come and he will immediately he will finish from there and he will come and do the assessment for a child.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 2:37 I want told me the doctor immediately. I want to see doctor to see my child immediately. Please lead doctor see my child,NS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 2:46 Maggie is definitely will come and see your child, but we are doing whatever everything is going to take care of your child. But believe me, she's really stable. She's sick at all. Okay, her oxygen level is 100% Less personally and have we been paddling really normal. And she doesn't require any oxygen or any kind of adequate limits at the moment. I'm a trained nurse I'm working here 15 years and I have seen for many children like this. They all are living a good life. There is no physical illness for a child.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 3:25 Okay, actually, please, at least you check my daughter and see what what are her problems pleased to see. Let her have some relief.NS NURSE SIBY THOMAS 3:38 Yes, Maggie, I understand that your difficulties regarding your time but believe me, she's in the safe hands. We connected her to monitor and the nurses are here to take care of her. But the only met was Doctor is relatively busy and he'll be coming to see you. Immediately he finished the work with other patients who's very sick. And I'm appreciating you're cooperating in corporate finance and here I will continue to take the vital signs of your size when I have cannabis. Okay, thank you, Maggie and maybe you should do the recovery for a child Rosie have a laser beam.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 4:20 Thank you.


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