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SS .1993. Renu Mathew- R. Leena


Rematching speakers... SPEAKERS NURSE (72%), INTERLOCUTER (28%)

NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 0:02 Good afternoon.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 0:03 Good afternoon us.NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 0:06 My name is Dana Matthew. I am one of the district nurses working in this hospital. And what's bringing you here today?IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 0:13 No Sam Rosie and my child's name is Maggie She's three years old and she's suffering from chest tightness she wheezing and difficulty in breathing. I was very much worried and anxious. As if I was thinking that she if she has anything suffering from us, I was waiting since long time but there is no one who is coming and taking my child and who is there is no one who is there for my child.NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 0:45 Okay, Mr. OC, I can understand your concern. And as a mother, I know how much you are feeling. I am also a mother. But don't worry, we are here to help you. You already told me that your baby's feeling they're just a tightness and they're wheezing also Am I right?IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 1:00 Yes, yes. Yes doctor but the child's condition is very muchNR NURSE RENU MATHEW 1:09 aware to be worried to be worried. IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 1:14 Okay, okay. NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 1:16 I think everybody to Mr. Dorsey, we are here to help you all out here. And let me say here. First of all, let me tell you that the images today's emergency department is little bit busy and the doctor is attending another patient and once after he finished he will be right away he will see your baby. Is that okay? Miss Rosie before before adoptees arriving? Can I take her vital signs? Yes,IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 1:43 but do Where is a doctor I want to see the doctor right now to my childNR NURSE RENU MATHEW 1:50 gets a mensch. I mentioned earlier that it is a good distributor that a patient he will be the RA within 15 minutes and before that I will do the assessment for him and I will provide some for the beta difficulty I can give you have a nibble a session and the ones she will be I can give you the better better relief measures now and there'll be a by the time the doctor will be arrived here and after this all an investigation only doctor will see your baby. He said Okay, Miss Rossi.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 2:27 Thank you so much. But I was very much worried about her about my daughter'sNR NURSE RENU MATHEW 2:36 having to be worried Miss Rosie, I can really understand this. If I were I would react the same way. But let me tell you and we're faster for the question. We will provide for your baby and she will be okay. And by the time the doctor will be arrived and she will he will see your baby. He said okay, Mr. C.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 2:54 Okay, nice. Thank you NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 2:55 Hello Hello. IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 3:04 Oh, goodness. NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 3:07 Okay. IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 3:07 Yes, nurse.NR NURSE RENU MATHEW 3:10 Okay, thank you for allowing me and your baby will be perfectly all day there and I wish I wish her a speedy recovery. And thank you for listening to me. Thank you.IR INTERLOCUTER R LEENA 3:21 Thank you. Thank you so much.


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