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SS .1977. Deepthi Kumar - Manasa



IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:02 Good afternoon thisN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:05 is good afternoon Miss Maggie. My name is Maria man. My name is the disclaimer I am a registered nurse working here it's hospital but today I will take care of you gentlemen Maggie, how are you feeling now?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:19 I'm feeling very tired and my stomach is quite sore after the surgeryN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:25 or is really sorry to hear that but you don't worry I have gone through your case note I came to know that you STD you under when one surgery laparoscopic Kali 60s cystectomy so this is your first posture pretty day that's why you may feel some kind of tiredness and low mode but you don't worry within a couple of days you were energy and you were healed again Are you happy with thatIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:55 but I'm worried about in case I madeN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:01 a reasonable concern Miss Maddie already as you mentioned earlier you you have underwent one surgery that is the reason you were saying this dealer didn't give you any food and floating but you already let me provide you some solid food right now if you tolerate these food definitely we will provide you for meIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:27 to do somethingN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:31 definitely I will do for you do you have any kind of painIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:39 I'll definitely inform you if I feel worseN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:44 Okay, so can I assume pain right now? IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:47 Yes Yes.N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:49 Give you one scale which consists of zero to 10 digits then is the most excruciating pain. So this digit Do you prefer Do you prefer Miss MaggieIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:09 Can you please repeat?N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 2:12 Yes. So, already you mentioned you have severe pain so I will give you one pain scale which consists of zero to 10 digit Stainton is the most excruciating pain so this digit digit Do you preferIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:25 my base 47 N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 2:28 Or so I can understand you are you experiencing too much pain you don't really already your doctor has been prescribed some medication and our previous staff will already give you some medication so I think within a couple of hours you over that pain medication will help you to reduce this pain okay. So, if your pain is not reduced mean don't worry, let me you can tell to me I will inform your doctor and really sorry to delay that I am not Daughtry's person to change either medication dose so your doctor will come and assess you and give you another medication or change the medication dosage is it okay for youIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:17 to know when my stitches get remote N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 3:23 reasonably Miss Maggie as you mentioned earlier if you made you a steamer this fluid and drink and if you pass the urine means definitely your doctor will discharge around three to four hours later. So after that, after one week your doctor has been informed to come back to a consult consult with your doctor that thing you were a stitches almost healed that day this year the stitches will remove your doctor okayness all the all the information about the stitching are clear is our main thing I strongly recommend you that also after discharge some things you may feel some abdominal discomfort like bloating or flat to lens or sometimes you may feel diarrhea. So this is very common conditions only after the surgery so you can take more plenty of water and you you take more solid food instead of using any junk food. Okay, the more fluid and frozen fruits and other veggies diets will help you to digest easily.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:40 So try to drink somethingN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 4:43 Okay, so if you have any other concernIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:46 Lola's N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 4:48 Okay, so if you have any other concern you do not hesitate to call me I'm here to help you. Okay, Maggie, and if you need any home arrangements or Any other assistance you do not hesitate to contact me I will make a make an appointment for youIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:07 to sureness.N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 5:09 Okay, thank you. Thank you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:12 Thank you, Lois, thank you for your valuable information.


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