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SS .1976. Deepthi Kumar - Manasa



N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:02 Good afternoon, Maggie.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:04 Good afternoon.N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:07 My name is Debbie. I'm an author instead nothing is forced to tell what I'm going to take care of you for the for the next few hours. Okay Okay, so I'm your case I understand that he underwent called cystectomy surgery Am I right? Is there how are you feeling after the surgeryIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:30 I'm feeling very tired and my stomach is quiet so after the surgeryN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:36 I'm so sorry to hear that echo your comments Maggie native array you saw the problem comment after the surgery because you're 75 Anastasia these problems for temporary period after that your symptoms will go away do you follow me MaggieIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:54 is also feeling sickN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 0:58 I know Maggie very typical situation, but nothing is a dynamic about this we already given some of the medication for managing us in terms of pain relief. So in the symptoms versus or you may have word workers in them move either medication so increasing the office is there and also you can inform us if you can in the symptoms become worse and are changingIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:25 and definitely inform you so I feelN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:29 okay Maggie there any concern we have Okay, so after after two times you're concerned often we'll come and visit you and even get these tags after pretty far away once you pass urineIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:47 I feel hungryN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 1:51 it's Maggie Aina you did not take anything by mouth for the last few hours am i right? Is ready to take anything by mouth at this moment.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:05 I feel hungry and thirsty better worried about eating and drinking eatingN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 2:14 now my gift for now. Try not to worry initially we will be Floyd after that we will initiate softer diet because after surgery is not taking any heart for diabetics may cause nausea and vomiting that is that very we will we are here to educate you and assist you through our diverse admission time. My plea to you MaggieIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:38 is nurse I'll try to drink somethingN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 2:42 Okay, that's a good decision Maggie. Is there anything you want to ask more?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:47 When I need to know when my stitches get removed?N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 2:52 Yes that's a good question. There is there is no need to remove your sister because these are resources just disorder one it will reset to hire within two to three weeks but you need to come to the hospital for removing your dressing that they can make an appointment after 24 days.OkayIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:14 okay all the information about the dressing is teaching us teachers are clear. Okay, my child isN NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 3:28 fully a candidate me to you for achieving you after the after time of recess.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:35 My mother is coming to pick me up.N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 3:39 Okay, that was my gay talk. You can go with your mother after getting discharged and you need to take risk at your home and you need to defer our risk.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:49 Okay, thank you for your concern.N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 3:52 Okay, do you need any clarification regarding this slowness? Okay, my again, thank you. Please be take rest. I wish you a speedy recovery. If you have any chance we can press the buzzer. I will come and assist you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:08 To thank you. N NURSE DEEPTHI KUMAR 4:11 Are there thank you might be.


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