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SS .1974. Arul Mary - Manasa



NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:00 Good morning, Maggie. How are you today? IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:03 I'm fine. How about you?NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:09 I'm fine. So I'm already registered nurses working in this hospital. So everybody attending us here today are coming.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:18 Okay.NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:20 Okay, so I am here to check your progress because you can underwent the goal cystectomy surgery in our hospital under general anesthesia. So after the surgery, how do you feel? Do you have any pain?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:36 I'm feeling tired and my stomach is quite so.NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:40 Okay, okay, I can understand that apart from the tiredness or any other symptoms like pain, nausea, vomiting, is there anything like that?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:51 I'm also feeling sick. NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:55 Okay, okay my first of all I want to say that you are underwent the college system surgery that is what our bladder has been removed and you underwent the general anesthesia. So, these are the centers which you told to me, it is quite normal and it is a temporary one fisheye effect which you are facing. So nothing to be alarming. That will be alright after something, you understand what I'm telling. Okay, so I want to know whether you have any pain in the surgical side.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:32 I'm definitely informing if I feel worse.NA NURSE ARUL MARY 1:38 Because already we are given the painkillers. It's definitely helped you if it is really ever been synchronising in the future, and we will think about increase the dosage if So say we are given the AKI for you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:53 So I feel hunger, I'm thirsty. But I'm worried about eating and drinking in a moment.NA NURSE ARUL 2:06 As they are quite correct Monday, if you're taking any food or water, it will cause some side effects. And because of this unnecessary effect, like you may feel vomiting, bloating, nausea, because it will be solved because of this anaesthesia. One Renesas and then definitely doctor will check you can take the slowly history, we'll start with the body's adapting because the surgery mainly done on that abdominal muscles have to start function properly. So we have to give us to relax and the rest of the muscles. So first, we will start with a clear, then we'll think about increasing the solid to normal diet. Do you understand what I'm telling you try to do something your friend are actually doctors plan. Doctors plan to discharge you after three to four hours if you mind you. And if you don't have confidence after taking them for the discharge doctor will assist you, honey, anything come on? discharge.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:23 Sounds good. I need to know when my stitches get removed?NA NURSE ARUL MARY 3:29 That's a great question. I'm really glad to answer those question. Actually, the stitch not being done is a resource center. So no need to remember that there will be disappear by itself within two weeks. So there is no reason about that has to be removed after three to four days mean when addressing should be taken properly. Without any weight. It has to be dry. And it should not be any sweating or loss area in there. It has to be dry and ventilated. If you follow these messes definitely without any infection, then the dressing can be remotely to four days later able to follow me all the information about dressing and stitching treat stitches are clear. Happiness The thing I want to insist is once you got a discharge that should be someone has to be accountable to take care of you for faster time for us because it's a major surgery. You may have some complications like vomiting giddiness, so someone has to be around forever. So is there anybodyIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:38 like that? Yes, my mother is coming to pick me up and she will stay.NA NURSE ARUL MARY 4:44 Oh, that's great. It's really good news. So we can stay and you can start doing something if you have any complications or any complaints. Let me know. Then talk to the doctor. If everything is already documented, check you and he will think Come on. Are youIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:02 okay? Okay, nice. Thank you for yourNA NURSE ARUL MARY 5:08 financing for this. If you have any queries, you can trust me.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:15 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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