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SS .1954. Evelyn Susan - Sheba Kurian



IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:01 Good evening sister.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:03 My name is I am Lakshmi one of the registered nurse in this emergency. How can I help you?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:11 Sister actually when I was playing football on the ground I felt unwell and I fainted. So my friends brought me hereNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:21 okay as for for I have to do that subsidy investigation so I I would like to ask you How can I call youIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:33 my name is Margaret Martin you can call me MargaretNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:37 okay Mr. Margaret maybe you're playing with the heat sometimes playing with the the cheat sheet time you playIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:51 Yes sister actually wasn't the school time we have a sports car so I was playing football with my friends.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:01 Okay, the reason or maybe is the son is very important places to play. So that is a reason only maybe you is happen. Don't worry. Next, volunteer to help you better to avoid take that medication also whenever you're feeling like this condition as the doctors prescribe you how to take the medication if you have an allergy to take that medication. IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:35 Okay, NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:35 so better to avoid that play time. Better to avoid the most the hard time but to to avoid that even in time is better choice. Is that clear for you?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:49 Yes sister. So is it important to be in the hospital for some time I'm perfectly alright I don't have any problem. So, can I go homeNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 2:01 differently Mr. John, but once the doctor will this will be see that your condition. So after he will put the diagnosis we will see that adopted because this is an emergency or doctor to do so. So better to wait for a little time for once the doctor will come if you have doubts you want to clarify some more those you can just wait for a little time IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:31 okay.My yeses to nose? No actually Could you please explain me what all the precautions I need to take so that it will be prevented further?NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 2:44 Okay, better to our that all the time he did social time. Better to avoid that is our that in schools, they're even better to change that time. So it will use report for you. So, I remember going that sports thing more water. So not heat exhaustion happen a lot the quarter growth is very good for you. So take a look sometimes and water to adequately how to take that 20 Put water. So some production also need that this moisture is paid more so, so cute. Even the pollutant not happen like this.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:34 Okay, sister.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:37 So as my knowledge it is this I can do that. If you want to see the doctor this time Whoa, doctor. He will. He willIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:49 contact you. Okay, thank you so much.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:52 Hopefully you're understanding what I'm saying. IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:54 Yeah, NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:55 so I wish you the go soon. Take care. Bye. IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:59 Thank you.


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