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SS .1943. Divya D'Souza - Priyanka Akunuri



ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:00 Good morning.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:01 Good morning this ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:03 My name is Divya I am one of the registered nurses working abroad and community health cleaning May I know your nameIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:10 my name is JohnND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:12 okay me todayIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:15 nurse I have recently returned from in from holidays in India I stayed in first class hotels take precaution sign that drinking bottled water and only our local food but I have been feel unfulfilled for a few daysND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:41 I can understand you were worried before moving further I will ask you some few questions regarding your condition so that I can get better knowledge about this condition is okay before you IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:56 isness ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:58 Okay have you eaten any and contaminate food or any placeIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:05 no nurseND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 1:07 okay. And also I can understand that you are traveling to the Ravager and also I can get suspected for hepatitis C to confirm this condition you do some blood tests called as liver function tests to confirm that diagnosis are getting my IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:34 businessND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 1:37 name saying that you can contact us regular receptionist as soon as possible. So that you can get across consultation who want to see the doctor who does soundIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:55 okaynessND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 1:59 first of all, I can tell you that it is the virus read through the contaminated food and what it wanted out of eating unhealthy food and using YouTube and more he practiced and this is the more common development countries and Syria are you following meIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:22 isness Can you please tell me the treatment concern and the diagnosisND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 2:31 are definitely me and I can understand even worry towards your condition Don't worry, I will say to in detail and also we will get the medicine for us it will be regarding the recovery time is the one month it will take a few days not feeling so it is a difficulty to travel other place because sometimes it is related to the liver. So that there will be in fiction present condition not so much it is not so much dangerous if you take proper medication and treatment and whatever doctor has prescribed the medication you can take according to that one month course will you become in fear following this medication at the proper time your health will be recovery sooner. So do you have any other concernIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:38 lunares nothing is and I think you make clear all my doubts.ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 3:44 Okay, then I will make an appointment to be receptionist to go further further investigation and a doe for diversity. So there's your condition with Sona. I think I agree at all. For for the best habits speedy recovery.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:06 Thank you ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 4:07 have any. If you have any other doubt come our Community Health Clinic meaning we will always help you to do the better treatment for us condition. Okay, thank you so much.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:21 Thank you, Nurse.


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