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SS .1939. T S Thomas - Priyanka Akunuri



IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:00 Hi my name is JohnNT NURSE T S THOMAS 0:07 John How can I help you today?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:12 Nurse I have recently returned from a holiday in India I stayed first class voters take precautions such as drinking bottled water only avoid local food I have been feeling unwell for a few days for what for whyNT NURSE T S THOMAS 0:37 Sunday day detailed assessment I am just Thomas calming thisIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:44 okayness thank youNT NURSE T S THOMAS 0:47 for the better understanding my as someone was tells about your condition isness in Damar D'Amato of feeling like you are getting a fever or tightness likeIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:02 nowness but I have some symptoms are mild fever tightness now recently one thing I noticed that my eyes are employees Dini My name is DanNT NURSE T S THOMAS 1:21 some I know I understand I suspect maybe hepatitis This is one of my suspicions of okayness but are that confirm further confirmation that you want to know liver function test? I will go to my fileIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:40 okayness but I don't know what his hip isNT NURSE T S THOMAS 1:46 to say okay, no problem I will explain it to you Hepatitis A is inflammation of the liver and usually it happens through the contaminated unregulated water and if you're sharing some noodles, noodles with other people who have this infection and almost all hygiene practices may cause this condition and it is not more common in our country in Australia but it is more common in developing countriesIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:21 okaynessNT NURSE T S THOMAS 2:22 okaywant to do this liver function does that we can confirm the condition so that you want to see your GP clueless also how does thatIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:36 lowness?NT NURSE T S THOMAS 2:42 Are you not seeing that when you told me before that you your GPS very busy isness then you can call back or conduct receptionist IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:55 okay. NT NURSE T S THOMAS 2:57 Then you can say that your condition IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:00 okay. NT NURSE T S THOMAS 3:01 Then you're dead. Demand is a folio alsoIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:11 known as nothing.NT NURSE T S THOMAS 3:15 I just wanted things about IslamizationIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:19 book Enos.NT NURSE T S THOMAS 3:22 After this onset of infection, you will be infectious. That means you can you are contagiouPRIs and you can transform your condition to other people's brokenness Can you can you how to take care of yourself and you have to take care of your family.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:39 Yeah, okay. Yes, I will. But can you please tell me how much time to recover?NT NURSE T S THOMAS 3:47 Don Verde, it is a mild condition related to other hepatitis within one month, almost remember the date after that. So don't worry about oakiness okay. And if you have anything now you can ask meIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:08 isness I think you make clear all my doubts.NT NURSE T S THOMAS 4:14 And then it is important to call your GPS and get an appointment for this lab investigation. For your cooperation, I wish you a speedy recovery.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:28 Thank you.


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