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SS .1930. Lincy - Priyanka Akunuri



NL NURSE LINCY 0:01 Okay, good afternoon.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:02 Good afternoon thisNL NURSE LINCY 0:06 one of the registered nurses who is working this baby health clinic. Please be seated.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:12 Thank goodnessNL NURSE LINCY 0:15 okay, how many can be today?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:17 Nurse My name is Maggie and I'm the mother of seven seven week old baby. This is my first day he has been breastfeeding well, but often cries after feeds and seems to be in pain he vomiting small amount of milk after most feed the feed sign takes a long time to sit in.NL NURSE LINCY 0:42 Or I can really understand your concern don't do not worry about that they have all the Evil BabyIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:51 isness NL NURSE LINCY 0:55 is 70 calls IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:58 Yeah, it's nurse. I am the best reading on best reading on demand or every seven hoversNL NURSE LINCY 1:09 you know that is a pattern is it is the you You don't mean that the Evil Baby submitted their small award which you indicate that your child is that maybe the diagnosis of gastro esophageal reflux which means whatever amount it is going to Strama which will regurgitate through mouth so what I'm telling you to avoid these kinds of symptoms how you knowIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:47 is this I'm worried that my baby is sick in need of medical attention.NL NURSE LINCY 1:55 Yes, definitely it is. It is a weaver made a baby has some problem with undeveloped muscle muscle where your foot pipes and our foot bites all the esophagus and the joints to the stroma. So these these muscles is not going to fade that's why your baby has some problems but it is preventable. You don't want me to give yours full amount of breastfeed at a time need to give feed and frequently Okay, one hour or two hour gap that that may or may not occur this problem IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:35 openness NL NURSE LINCY 2:35 and Amy now I'm playing physician Hall Hall may be applied for 30 minutes after fades. Okay, are you getting my point?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:45 isnessNL NURSE LINCY 2:48 I already mentioned that the trying giving small our more frequent periods will help to improve the baby's condition, our ethical expression of breast milk for two weeks which will help to reduce the regurgitation Are you getting my pointIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:07 this nurse but I'm afraid a lot I certain that there is something wrong with my baby.NL NURSE LINCY 3:15 It do not worry about that. It is common among the some babies which will prevent the will we can prevent with the non pharmacological measures. Even babies not sick and will improve with that right treatment. Is it okay IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:32 okaynessNL NURSE LINCY 3:34 Okay, I hope I cleared all Do you have doubts if you have any doubts you can ask meIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:39 isness make lay down my doubts. Thank you. Thank you for your suggestion in your advisors. Thank you so much.NL NURSE LINCY 3:48 Thank you.


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