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SS .1912. Deepthi Sandeep - Priyanka Akunuri



ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:00 Gentlemen Hi Good evening IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:12 Hello. Yeah, ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:13 yes ma'am Can I start IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:14 OkayND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:17 Hi Good eveningIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:18 Good evening this please be seated. Thank you nurseND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:23 My name is the squat I'm one of the registered nurses working here in this baby her clinic is documentation purpose could you please tell your baby name?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:32 My baby name is do meND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:40 how can I access you?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:43 My name is MaggieND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:47 Maggie, tell me parceling your hair todayIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 0:51 is nurse my I am the mother of seven week old baby this is my first study has been breastfeeding well but after cries after feeds and seems to be in pain. He wanting a small amount of milk after most reads and takes a long time to settleND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 1:12 I can understand your concern Miss Mackey but you don't worry stuff will be set your mind at ease because I am here to help you. So being a mother, I can understand you are so much worried about your baby's condition but it is not a CD major one. This is a double one only okayness I repeating my points IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:33 isness ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 1:35 Okay, so, again, I see your baby right now.IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 1:39 Is nurse I'm the best feeling and on demand meaning our every seven of us.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 1:48 Okay, Miss Maggie, so for my assessment, your baby's okay. Don't worry regarding that and before going for further detailed conversation I would like to ask you some questions regarding your current feeding habits. Is it okay for you?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:03 isness ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 2:05 Okay, thank you Miss Maggie, how often do you feed your baby?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:10 isn't as I'm worried that my baby is sick, I'm in need of medical attention.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 2:20 POkay, so how many times do you feed your baby in one day?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:25 This first timeND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 2:29 gave me snaggy So, do you do you provide only the presence or along with the speaker? Do you give any kind of formula feed?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:43 No,no, no no only best.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 2:47 Okay, so do you have any problem? Do you work dress like any breast engorgement, any sore nipple anything? Do you have?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 2:58 No nurse.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 3:00 Okay, thank you for your valuable information and from your information I came to know that your baby is suspected to have the gastro esophageal reflux disease do you hate this name before nurse either baby is suspected to have an agnostic with gastroesophageal reflux disease do you hear this name before?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 3:24 No notice or I can understandND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 3:27 your concern but you don't worry let me explain you what is exactly happened to your baby. So already you mentioned your baby is not eating properly. And sometimes your baby is fit more and with full abdomen so in your baby or at least seven months old baby so under muscles and foot pipe is developing stage. Okay, not completely developer that is the main reason behind this problem. But you don't worry after sometimes it will mature okay? IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:02 No GuinnessND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:03 okay so once you once you finish the feeding time those who sometimes your baby's stomach is full of milk and as it comes back your foot pipe this may cause sometimes more discomfort to your baby that that is the reason your baby is not sucking properly IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:24 okayness ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:26 Okay, are you getting my pointsIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 4:28 isnessND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:31 then next thing is how to feed your baby properly. So I will explain you regarding that because if you feed your waste if you feed your baby without proper measures, sometimes these also may produce some major problems. So feed your baby an upright position. This is very mandatory for your baby's health because if you placed your baby in upright position, it will help to prevent the aspiration. Okay, Miss Maggie IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 5:02 okaynessND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 5:04 Okay, and one more thing is and feed your baby at regular intervals. Okay? regular intervals at a small, smaller, smaller and more frequent feed which will help to digest your baby digest this milk very easily and may produce more comfort your babyIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 5:26 okaynessND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 5:28 Okay, and along with that one more thing I strongly recommend you to tell you that explicitly milk is you can add some thickness to add thisfor maybe at least two weeks. OkayIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 5:44 okayness ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 5:46 Okay,are you getting my point?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 5:47 isnessND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 5:49 Okay, so do you have any other concerns Maggie?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 5:52 No, no, nothing is I think you make good on my dose.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 5:56 Okay, thank you, Miss Maggie, do you have a concern you do not hesitate to IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 6:03 look in us. ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 6:04 Okay, thank you. IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA AKUNURI 6:05 Okay.


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