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SS .1850. Naija Saji - Sheba Kurian



IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:07 yesNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 0:10 we do Condi ShivaIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:11 Yes sisterNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 0:15 abou My name is Anita G and we're not registered nurses working here in this hospital if you were underwent surgery recently okay I'm here to do the dressing up your role is the correct time to do the dressingIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:28 a year sister You're welcomeNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 0:32 all right, Shiva before doing the dressing I would like to ask you more questions Is that okay with you?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:39 Yes definitely systemNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 0:43 Mister Mister me What about it kind of activities and habits after the operationIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:49 SR I walk only limiter limited and the doctor has told me that I need to take a proper rest and I follow all the doctor's advice like good regarding the medication I take medication on time and I take well balanced diet and I don't think that I have a note I haven't obeyed His instructions so I just am confident that I have followed all his instructions.NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 1:26 Shiva I'm so happy to hear that you are following doctor's orders? Yeah, don't worry if you're following doctor's order definitely you can make recovery fasterIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:35 okay.NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 1:36 So in order to in order to get a detailed picture about your present situation you can ask you are you doing the daily dressing of your woundsIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:45 the year sister I'm doing that because the old lady The doctor has instructed me how to perform the so I do dailyNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 1:55 Okay, that is a good thing to hear that Miss Shiva is delete this occurred post operating infection it's quite natural after the surgery don't worry about this infection later but I think so Dr. Purcell some antibiotics to you taking this medication properlyIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:15 year sister I do take medications on time but I need a kick fixed to the toe because I need to get back to my work but I think this antibiotic is not working so could you please change it for me sisterNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 2:34 Sheila, please understand in this time, we do not need to go for any fixation or any kind of surgery. In this time you need to continue antibiotics you don't think like that antibodies obviously working as evidenced by good healing off your vote. If you're continuing taking this tablet that definitely you can see the recovery faster that I can assure you that machines are following my worship.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:00 Yes is still so could you please give me any suggestions that I could follow and they can be quick recovery?NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 3:10 Yes, of course, I will explain to you a detail about what are things you need to follow your speedy recovery first of all, daily trusting it is mandatory during the day you need to expose your entire part or in fact a part of her life it will definitely get mature above a vitamin so it will live much more healing process from this it agender much more pressure inside the thing to ease the process Am I understanding youIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:45 yes definitely. I will follow all your instructions and I accept that I didn't cause my own infection but I don't know why my infection my was decide got infected and I just I was I was doubting that I follow all the doctors infection when I was thinking that how do I get this infectionNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 4:12 she well one thing I would like to ask you that recently you have diagnosed with the app this militare this imageIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:18 Yes sisterNN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 4:22 so you know the constipation problem associated with diabetes mellitus is much more. So that may lead to a greater risk of impact infection is another cause of in your condition so that that's the reason why this has happened. Okay.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:39 Okay sister, but I do I do for control my sugar level with the help of diet and medication and I do have a regular follow up with my doctor as well.NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 4:53 Yes, they can understand but don't worry, postoperative infections, as I mentioned, least gardeners. So definitely you can saw some of their problems too. Because as you are recently diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and some of the infection is causing this kind of problem don't worry you can doubt this problem. So are you following my word Shiva?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:17 Yes, sister I do follow your instructions. And also could you please give me one brochure so that I can get a better idea how to take care of myself?NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 5:30 Yes, definitely. I will provide a brochure with all the details regarding how to take care of your own car. And if you need any more explanation or clarification regarding your condition, please me and I will call you again on this past week regarding this and we will review Okay, review again. Is it fine?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:52 Yes, sir.NN NURSE NAIJI SAJI 5:55 Okay, see about Thank you have a great day. I wish you a speedy recovery.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:59 Thank you so much.


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