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SS. 1845. Pheona Harrison _ Manasa chegonda


SPEAKERS NURSE (78%), INTERLOCUTOR (22%) NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 0:00 Okay I'm starting Good morningIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:04 Good morning nurseNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 0:08 please I am Fiona one of the nurses working in Denison in this nurses who place May I know your nameIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:17 well yes nurse My name is theNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 0:21 via via What can I do for you this morningIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:26 some feeling very tired and feeling very doubtful that my father is a resident a teller simple and he recently had a strokeNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 0:40 Oh, I'll see. I'm sorry to hear that so he said your father is Mr. Mr. Benson rightIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:50 yes yesNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 0:55 I do not get worried so much right by your father is a condition is improving so do not get worried let's see what we can let's see what let's let's see the outcome of his condition right now he's stable now and we are trying to do much for him. So do not get worried so much. Are you okay with us?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:18 Oh, no surveys no being NASA to fit the staff use a lifting machine to transfer him well, many things are bothering meNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 1:30 okay, I understand you're only there, but we have the reason why we are given him a feeding tube. So do not get worried with the use of the feeding tube, you see, because your father is having a stroke, he cannot feed himself okay. So, we are using the feeding tube so that he can eat because right now you are not taking it into her mouth. So with the help of the tube is hoping to get the required nutrients so that he will be okay, if you don't use a chip in his condition to read sense or not to feed himself. So do not get worried so much. With the use of the feeding, it will help to prevent a choking because he can't eat that is why we are using the feed please Are you okay with that?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:18 But very doubtful. And I think you're creating these uncomfortable and my father might be finding it difficult.NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 2:32 A Plan B or do not worry is not difficult. Since your father in law, that's the only option that we can do for him to survive to get all the required nutrients that she needs now and about the lifting machine because you know because of his condition he cannot love himself you see. So, we use the machine to that we tend to use the machine to turn him around to barf him so that he will not have a fresher soul. So that is blood. The as you will know how it is if you don't do that and you lie down for a particular place for a long time he might get pressure sores or cysts on his body and the blood will not circulates well. That is why we are using the machine to train him on the date. Are you following me?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:26 Okay nurse, I can you please do tell me Is there any other alternative method to nasil to feeding?NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 3:39 As we have other metadata we use, depending on your father's condition, the feed into the right hand of your father, we have admitted if he is able to sit in each one. You can use other mates on that sense. He cannot do it for himself. The only option now for him to get his nutrients is the the feeding tube. Are you okay with that?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:06 Oh,yes. No. Somebody's worried about the lifting machine that it might be not safety for him?NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 4:12 No, I don't machine because the machine is going to help him you will need a machine to transfer him for one day. For so many hours, he has to be moved. In essence he can do that by himself. We use the Rafina to transfer him to the bank to chase the surplus. When you want to watch wanting to work out, we use the same machine so that's in our submission will be flow. Please Are you okay with that?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 4:48 I'm also worried about my father's privacy lifestyle may disturb.NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 4:59 Me Same thing for your for privacy and it's really a short this was before students neededme there is nobody can barge in inside and out anyhow. Privacy do anything to temper his personality? Are you okay with that?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:26 Okay, so I'll definitely follow your instructionsNP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 5:32 and besides that we use cutting to John and the door is always closed so nobody can go inside and coming out anyhow. So your father privacy it seems so you do not have to worry much about that. Are you okay?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:45 Yes, yes, I'll definitely follow your instructions and thank you for your concern.NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 5:50 Okay. If you do have any questions that are the answer, youIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 5:55 know, nurse, you have cleared all my doubts.NP NURSE PHEONA HARRISON 6:00 Thank you so much for coming.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 6:02 Okay, no, thank you for your concern.


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