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SS .1835. Semi Varghese - Sheba Kurian



NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:00 Good morning. My name is Venus and Monaca register nurse working in the secondary school. So I see that you have come for a reason. Could you please tell me that?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:12 Sr? I feel very sleepy while I'm attending the class so the teacher has told me to meet with you.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:19 Okay, I understand that you have came for this reason for the better confirmation for the better for the customers purpose May I know your name, please?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:33 My name is Sarah char.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:36 Okay. Chad, please don't worry, Richard, I know you have facing some difficulties, you have taken the right choice to come here. And I will be guiding you. Is that clear?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:47 Okay, or is it still? Okay,NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 0:50 so before starting to the detail conversation, i Good luck. I'd like to ask you about a few questions about your personal habits. IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:00 Yes, sister,NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 1:02 Aki, could you please tell me your daily routine and lifestyle you follow?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 1:07 Sister actually I sleep 10 hours in a day. And, and SR, I love to have this junk foods, especially this burger and pizza along with the sugary beverages. And I don't participate in any of the physical activities. Because whenever I participate, I feel very exhausted and I want to be on the bed always. So I prefer not to participate in any of the activities.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 1:37 Okay, I understand that you're following this type of lifestyle. And I understand that sugary items and junk food are very craving for many people. And it's this common problem with the people. But please don't worry, you are feeling very tired when you participate in physical activities because your BMI is quite high. And it is really need to be controlled in this stage. So I encourage you to participate in outdoor games so that your weight will be reduced and you will not feel breathing difficulty or you will not feel any tiredness after the activities. So I also encourage you to cut down your junk food, please don't think that you can, you should come cut down immediately. Please take your time to cut down the junk food by day by day gradually. So when you stop eating junk food, you may feel difficulty in first time. But while you're doing such things in day by day it will become very easy to you Esther clearNS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 2:54 years sister I am very much clear about your instruction but I would be difficult for me to cut down off this fast food on fast food and I don't like the taste of this vegetables and fruits but I would definitely try sister.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 3:12 Okay, I understand that first time it will be very irritable and you will feel very discomfort while you're stopping all the things which you like. But I can tell you that instead of eating the raw vegetables and instead of eating in normal, normal cooking pattern of vegetable you can try as a salad you can mix with the fruits and vegetable and you can eat as a father, that will be really delicious for you. And you can continue those things and keep a diary for you. Every week you just check your weight and write down on it and come and meet me after a month. Is that clear?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 3:57 Yes, sister.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:00 So apart from the Do we have any other concern?NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:04 No more concern sister.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:07 Okay. After the consultation between you and me, dietitian will be coming and seeing you and she will be providing you good guidelines. And also she will help you move the food which you have to take that clearNS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:24 a year sister. NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:27 Okay,I think this section is very useful for you and my rightIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:30 Yes, sister.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:32 Okay, thank you so much. If you have any queries, please comment.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:36 Okay, thank you so much.NS NURSE SEMI VARGHESE 4:39 Okay,


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