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SS. 1827. Lekshmi _ Manasa chegonda


SS. 1827. Lekshmi _ Manasa chegonda Mon, 3/28 · 11:35 AM3:15 SUMMARY KEYWORDS bariumclearprocedurestomachinformnursedoctorcancerinvestigationgastromoral supportagreedistressstrappyfollowdoubtsdepartmentmealenteropenness SPEAKERS NURSE (69%), INTERLOCUTOR (31%)

NL NURSE LEKSHMI 0:01 Good afternoon. IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:01 Good afternoon nurse.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 0:03 My name is Lex new now the registered nurses in this hospital. And today I'm asking for you for the procedure and they were asking for their sources. They're telling me this how can I enter?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:20 Yes, yes, my name is the and we are suffering with stomach pain and my doctor has recommended a gastro strappy and barium meal to see what is going on in my stomach.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 0:35 So could you pitch generally? So regarding this procedure to a higher Yes, yes.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 0:43 Oh, yes, no, as I had never faced such distress and feeling very panic and scared that it may lead to cancer as my grandfather died of some stomach trouble.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 0:57 Don't do that we are relaxed, you are the safety and we are going to show you how some pain I've dealt with. So Doctor want some more investigation instead? Okay.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:10 Oh, yes, yes.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 1:13 So, they will do that. They want to see that. So we will allow you to double bowl. So that is the purpose only they want to do that has to scope scope. Test also barium. Also they agree to that? Is that clear?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 1:32 Yes. Nurse,can you please tell me what is going in my stomach? I'm really worried about that.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 1:39 So don't worry, your family is already told that their families do have cancer. So maybe their son is in the water of course will be there they want to do that test. So nothing to worry about doing everything positive, so even close. So they feel if you agree to do the procedure, we will process your procedure. Is that clear?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:10 Yes, nurse, I agree with your advice.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 2:13 I really appreciate your prayer. So I will inform that department so they will follow the procedure. Is that clear?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:23 Yes. Please do something to get rid of this problem.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 2:30 Yeah, and apparently I will inform the doctor. So once the poster everything arranged for them. Once they're ready, I will definitely I will tell you right now you will still send these days. So we will inform that investigation department. IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:49 Yes. NL NURSE LEKSHMI 2:54 Regarding your condition,IM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 2:56 learners, you have cleared all my doubts and thank you for your moral support.NL NURSE LEKSHMI 3:02 We appreciate yourIM INTERLOCUTOR MANASA CHEGONDA 3:05 openness, thank you for your concern. I'll definitely follow your instructions.


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