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SS .1799. Abees Mathew - Manju Tak



NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 0:01 Good morning.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:03 Good morning.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 0:05 Please take your seat.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:06 Thank you nerds.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 0:08 My name is Mr. Mercer's back in this hospital rehabilitation unit.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:16 Yes, nurse. My name is Maggie. Okay, my nurse, I'm here to visit my 75 years old mother who has been admitted to the hospital following the strokeNA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 0:39 we are giving care for your mother.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:43 Yes nurse, about her present condition to just I have observed that in a strict on my mother and I want to know how is she doing?NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 0:56 Here is Maggie, I'm here to help you not to do that worry. The mother got some stroke issue. But she's in the initial stage of recovery. I already visited your mother. Her initial parameters are satisfactory. But memory changes, but slight improvement in mobility. Will you follow me?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:20 Yes, nurse. I'm really glad to hear that she's a lead better. I want to know can I take my mother out? Will she get tired?NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 1:32 questions are raised in Upper mighty and person who can't able to take your mother outside because she needed our claws observations. Okay. If you don't mind, I will ask you some of the questionsIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:44 . Yes, nurse.m NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 1:46 Okay, Maggie, could you tell me what is your opinion about your grandmother condition?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:51 Nurse. At my last visit, I observed that she was a little bit okay. But in this visit, I'm able to see that she's better than before and I'm very glad about it.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 2:03 I'm very happy to hear that about us. updations to not dig the dead bury. Your mother will be no safe and he will give you a good care for your mother until she get back on her feet. But it is important to visit your mother daily basis to visit your mother on a regular basis.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:23 But nurse I'm ready to visit my mother on regular basis. But I feel that she may get tired.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 2:34 I do understand you are concerned Margie. Thank you that Valerie. So whenever you're visiting our mother, you can reduce the conversation short period. So we got that and also this kind of tiredness or something. You can chart up the duration and you can dress for where matter.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:55 Okay, nowNA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 2:57 in addition, I will inform you when you're sitting there that will be beneficial for her mother to recover more and passing.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:08 Okay, nurse, I will advise yes nurse. I will follow your advice and I hope my mother will be soon fell and have to leave the ward.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 3:19 Of course Maggie, your mother will get there soon recovery with our care and your support but I need to inform our some of the hospital regulations. One by one.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:31 Yes. Nurse, please proceed.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 3:34 Okay, first of all, whenever you are visiting the mother, at least two vendors come together to check and make sure that the visiting time being the new time or that are getting my coins Maggie.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:48 Yes nurse.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 3:51 Okay. Finally try to end up the conversations within five or 10 minutes. So that will be very helpful for your mother for recovery.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:01 Yes, Nurse. Yes, nurse. I will follow all your advice because even I want my mother to get well soon.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 4:12 Yes, Maggie. So is there anything you want to ask? We do.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:17 No nurse can you please tell me how long will my mother did to recover from this condition?NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 4:26 I can I can understand situations or say that it's very difficult for you to see your mother in spider problems. But I am assuring you either mother will get through recovery without treatment because we can't able to say any particular days that will depends upon people how they respond to that treatment.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:46 Okay, nurse, thank you so much for the information. I will follow all the adviceNA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 4:53 that came to hear that Margie, but we can do one thing whenever Yeah, basically your mother began History read mother photos and mobility exercises. And again bring some of the basal items when we were family like any family photos or albums, most of your mother's memoryIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:11 okay nurse to do this yes nurse I will follow your advice.NA NURSE ABEES MATHEW 5:18 Okay, my good thank you for visiting our center and I wish you a mother for speedy recovery. Kabhi nice day Maggie.


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