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SS .1791. Simimol - Manju tak



NS NURSE SIMIMOL 0:04 Good morningIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:05 . Good morning nurse.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 0:09 I'm Sammy. I am one of the registered nurses working in the city clinic in your place. Come on, take your seat.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:16 Yes nurse. Thank youNS NURSE SIMIMOL 0:20 get anyplace tell me your mind.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:22 Yes nurse. My name is John.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 0:27 Okay, John, how can I help you today?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:30 Nurse. I'm 65 years old and I want to give up smoking because I look after my baby grandson. And I know smoking is harmful for him. I just want to get some advice from you.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 0:46 Oh, okay, Joe, and I can really understand your concerns. You told me that you are too cute. You are smoking habit. Right?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:54 He is nervous. You're absolutely right. I want to give up this smoking but I don't know how to do it. So I want some advice.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 1:04 Oh, okay, John, nothing to worry about that. We are here to help you. First of all, I want to know some personal personnel questions. Is that okay for you?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:15 Yes, nurse.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 1:19 Okay, thank you. Okay, Jonah, can you please tell me when did you start? Start your smoking habit?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:27 Nurse I can tell that I have this habit from past 30 years and I smoke 20 cigars per day.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 1:37 Oh, it just makes more Johnson told me that on the fact that as you are taking the cigarettes and to eat on the tablet check daily right?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:50 Yes ma'am.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 1:54 Okay, John, can you please tell me did you try to get to any timeIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:58 no nurse I never tried to give up this habit. I want to stop now because I look after my grandson. Although I don't smoke near him. I know smoking is harmful for him.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 2:14 Oh, okay. Okay. Appreciate your knowledge. Kay Johnson Can you please tell me do you have any medical conditions now you're suffering with any conditions any diabetes, high blood pressure anything?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:33 No nurse there are no associated symptoms or there are no underlying medical conditionsNS NURSE SIMIMOL 2:43 thank you for your valuable information John. And I will help you that I will tell you some remedial measures for you. Is that okay forIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:53 you? Yes nurseNS NURSE SIMIMOL 2:57 Okay, first of all, you can you can try nicotine patches or nicotine gum that will teach you and will help you to remember as much as smoking temptation and whenever you are feeling to take smoking that time you can engage with any recreational activities and also one of the best method for you to make clear toIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:27 you yes nurse I can tell you that smoking is relaxing and I don't think anything else can replace itNS NURSE SIMIMOL 3:39 okay JOHNSON I can understand that but first of all, maybe you will get some difficulties okay. But gradually you will get improved and one of the one customer that is and now you told me that you are taking 20 cigarettes per day we can cut it down the tablets whereas cigarette like tomorrow we can take 19 Cigarettes then next day you can reduce landmark that also one of the men that aren't in our this like any support group is available like a smoking cessation clinic also available. You can go with that okay, then they will explain this all peoples are there their experience the same like the situation but how they overcome their experience, they will tell that also one of the best method are you following me?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:34 Yes, nurse. I will try your sedation. I will try to give up the smoking. It really sounds hard, but maybe I'll try to cut down the number of cigarettesNS NURSE SIMIMOL 4:51 Okay, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate your time, sir. Okay, Johnson and also I can engage with any relaxation but they're like yoga meditations, that also one of the one of the main method, okay, and you can change your routine like whenever you're feeling to the cigarette that you can as I mentioned earlier do any activities do we have any more time since Johnson?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:27 No nurse you have addressed all my concerns. Thank you.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 5:33 Okay, and again, again I know about your hair near my you have any weight at present? What about your weight?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:46 Yes nurse my weight is considerably fine doctor have advised that it's okay.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 5:55 So, okay, okay, John, I can understand but just to remind that sometime it's possibility of weight gain also. It's like you can do slow regular exercises and you can take healthier snacks, okay, but also one of the best method then these things also you can do this one he will leave the smoking smoking habits.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 6:25 Okay nurse, thank you so much for the information I will follow your advice.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 6:32 Okay, thank you, do we have any more consent?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 6:35 No nurse.NS NURSE SIMIMOL 6:39 Okay, I hope I cleared all your notes and I am reassuring that whatever suggestions I told you that you can follow and you can engage you can come by a smoking cessation clinic that will help you a lot and I will provide one book for you so that you will get an appointment of smoking cessation clinic Okay, now we can book the appointment for a smoking cessation clinic so that you can come and join with that program. Thank you have a nice day.


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