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SS .1784. Mallika pitchiya - Manju tak



NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:00 Good afternoon.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:01 Good afternoon nerdsNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:03 My name is Melinda Pakiya I am one of the registered nurses working in the field mobility department then know what is the reason behind you are busy?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:12 Yes. Actually my seven years older daughter has been brought to the emergency department with gastro enter a tease and dehydration nurse. I don't understand why my daughter can't how lots of drinks instead of having intravenous fluidsNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:32 I certainly understand your concern concern. Could you please tell me where I'm at? Tell me where lay for the deputation purpose.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:40 My name is Maggie. Okay, Mr. Maggie,NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:43 thank you for your valuable information. I know Anita read to you you said you were a doctor. Your doctor having problem with the Gasperi ladies and the doctor has a roll out to see he has dehydrated Am I right?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:59 Yes nurse you're absolutely right.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:03 Okay, now I came to insert your daughter cannulationIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:07 but now I really don't understand why this calculation is important. Can she take any fluids to overcome this dehydration?NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:18 Okay, okay Mr. Maggie no need to worry I can expel you later. Okay, Mr. Maggie you were even darker is to see if I'm able to tolerate lectus amount that will slowly okay in war alley Okay. into a darkened case she made a pastor female definitely chose the pastor and also more effective on the decoration to direct to that black lettering. Okay, Mr. Maybe Okay, not so far that is that is a reason our doctors have advised advise me to insert your daughter calculation and she needed emergency administrative administration of I refuse to understand now Mr. McGeeIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:06 yes nurse I understood the reason of cannula but nurse I'm concerned that cannula infection will be painful.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 2:15 Yeah, he will coffee with reasonable Mr. Maggie I can be here and I can assure you that this proper procedure is a very simple procedure okay. Okay, before insertion of cannula for our data, we will apply the number three okay. This is a thought procedure and there are also very minimal pain sometimes she will feel discomfort to once a while my while I'm sitting on the freaking area.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:46 Yes nurse.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 2:48 Okay, and we will apply the dressing the top of the cannula in order to begin on detachment.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:56 Yes nurse. I can tell you that my daughter hates injections. So I know she's going to get panic when she sees the needle. Okay,NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 3:06 I am I am also mother I know you are concerned with an IV no need to worry. She may or may know she has did she and I did this before that any any other procedures?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:25 No no. This is the first time for my daughter to be hospitalized overnight.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 3:32 Okay No need to worry Mr. Maggie while learning her chin up to be Scandola you can be with your daughter okay Mr. Maggie and also I will be will be with her Okay. Okay. During the insertion and then we will explain. I will explain the steps we will accept to be brief. Okay. You can you can you can tell some stories in Farmville for your daughter for discussing her mind during on top of that. Okay, Mr. MaggieIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:05 of Kenner's. Thank you so much for the information and I'm relieved that there are some methods that can be done to help my daughter stay calm.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:16 Okay. Okay, thank you, saggy Mr. Maggie and our whole discipline after initiation of the Scandola we will we will do this a pass to dose of intravenous IV for your data and we will re assessment after four of us okay. And maybe we'll check there is any possibility of the machine it may close and you need to say may need a she need a hospital admission.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:46 Okay, now, I agree with you.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:50 Okay, okay. Mr. McGee. Dixie is this he had any hospitalizations before?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:57 No, notNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:59 okay. Thank you for your information summary. I can explain then I can explain that this procedure named after this insertion of the Scandola river data, maybe she will admit it to the wall. Okay.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:14 Okay.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:16 Maybe you need to save it to that.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:19 I will stay with my daughterNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:22 . OkayIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:22 . Okay, wellNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:23 for Maggie, do you agree to do can consent for your calculation data calculation?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:29 Yes nurse, I'm ready to find the consent.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:33 Thank you for your willingness. Mr. Maggie. Please stay in stay with your doctor. Doctor. I will go on the record the calculation thing. Okay, Mr. McGee IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:44 cannot thank you.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:46 Thank you, Mr. Nivea for your party were concerned. Thank you for listening.


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