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SS .1782. Mallika pitchiya - Manju tak



NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:02 Good afternoon.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:04 Good afternoon.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:05 My name is Malika PC, I am one of the half of working in the security cleaning. How may I help? YouIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:12 know, I want to give up the smoking habit from past 30 years, and I want to get some advice from you.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:24 Okay. Before proceeding further may know your main name is okay.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:32 My name is JeromeNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:34 . Okay, thank you Mr. Dawn. Mr. Dodd made two Bureau tell me about the world. Do we have any ongoing illness?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:47 No. There are no ongoing health conditions. I'm, I'm fine. I just want to quit the smoking habit.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 0:55 Okay, what can you say doc? I am happy to hear that you want to make this a habit? Before moving further. Kenny after some courses later you are having Mr. Dawn as Mr. John How long have you been working?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:10 I have been smoking from past 30 years.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:14 Okay. How many cigarettes can day you consume?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:19 I consume 20 cigarettes per day.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:22 Okay, so, John, Mr. John, do you ever tried to keep this habit before?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:29 No, not I never tried.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:33 Okay, Mr. Dodd. Mr. Dunn did he try for any illiquid session at me previously session Adam?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:44 No nurse I never attended.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 1:47 Okay, Mary Now what is the reason behind? behavior could be habit.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:55 Actually, cigarette smoking gives me relaxation and it's very comfortable for me but now I'm taking care of my baby grandson and I know that it is harmful. That is the reason I want to quit this habit.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 2:12 Really, I am glad to hear that you want to pick this habit? Because of the word cancel. Am I right?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:19 Yes, you're absolutely right.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 2:23 Okay, Mr. DA, Mr. John this this paper on cigarette smoking these are not good. They are not good the 41 Health Act law so far you adopt email forever grandson? What can you say John? Yes. It is a potential and potential there is a potential problem later on later on Apple to dance and help their like main neighbor dance and develop asthma.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:56 Okay, nurseNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 2:58 . Give me your case. Mr. John, you need to quit this habit as soon as possible. Okay, Mr. John IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:04 KennedyNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 3:06 and also you need some help with this habit. Okay, Mr. DonIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:12 Kennedy, I agree with youNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 3:17 thank you, Mr. Dawn for our brain in this matter. Mr. John. You need if you are asked to not smoke cigarette please try to use the 14 pack package or gum. Okay,IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:33 yes. Actually quitting this really sounds very hard but I will try to cut down the habit slowlyNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 3:43 Yeah, I my family agree that quitting just had a dog Yes, ma'am. So in it, so you need to you can take the decision in your mind to quit this habit as soon as possible in order to improve your health and also to protect us in terms of grants and health. Okay, Mr. DoddIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:12 , okay, nurse.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:15 So you can you can cut down the number of cigarettes you putting down number of cigarettes a day by day. Okay, Mr. John?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:23 Yes nurse I hope this will be helpful.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:27 And also I can pass it to you to join this online support group also, mortification planing sure how to sound Mr. John,IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:38 this sounds very much better and I hope this will be helpful.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:43 Okay. And I can I can recommend to you there is other another alternative relaxation method also Mr. Gone, like yoga, or meditation. Opens the door. Okay, nurse,IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:57 I agree with youNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 4:59 I know there is a multitude shaken broker there is you can take these long brief relaxation. Okay Mr. DoddIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:11 Yes, I will follow all the strategies given by you okay thankNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:17 you Mr. Dawn and there is an avoidable habit in the habit of smoking various changes in protein and this will be being active. Okay Mr. DoddIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:30 Okay MattNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:32 what about what about the worldwide mixer DawnIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:38 I'm 75NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 5:40 Okay, maybe you can you can try to reduce your Wi Fi by by doing some exercises also opens the door it will flow wherever metabolic come and they improve their say and if we can we can be snagging with it we will embrace and increase your rate. Okay.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 6:04 Okay, now I agree with youNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 6:08 prevent to prevent the URL right? You can do regular exercise and also can see healthy snacks and also healthy lifeIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 6:21 matters I will follow your adviceNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 6:24 before you hear the content because onIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 6:27 Oh nice.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 6:29 Okay. I can do is do you agree to take a file manager for monetization growth Mr. Dodd?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 6:37 Yes, nurse I agree.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 6:40 Okay, if you are agree I can make an appointment for you for the smoking cessation planning. Okay, how are we are killing now Mr. Dawn?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 6:51 I'm fine. That will be helpful.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 6:54 Okay, thank you Mr. Dan. I can make them please be wait I will make an appointment for the smoking cessation group. Okay, Mr. Dodd. IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 7:04 Okay. NiceNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 7:07 . Any other concern Mr. Dawn?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 7:10 No, no, we have clarified all my concerns.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 7:13 Okay, I strongly advise you to quit I can strongly advise you to keep this habit as soon as possible in order to unanimously improve our health okay, you bro the expectancy ACO in Greece, the energy and the ready, sir is cutting. What can we say?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 7:31 Okay, nice.NM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 7:33 Okay. Any other concern? Mr. Dawn?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 7:36 no, noNM NURSE MALLIKA PITCHIYAH 7:37 . I hope I have addressed all your concern. Mr. Dunn. Thank you for your listening.


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