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SS .1778. Venus Jebaselvi - Manju tak


SPEAKERS NURSE (73%), INTERLOCUTOR (26%) NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:00 Good morning my name is Lena I'm one of the registered nurse working in the city clinic. AmandaIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:07 My name is John 0:10 please take your seats.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:11 Thank you nurse.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:13 Okay, can you please tell me for what reason we have cleaningIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:18 I want to give up the smoking habit which I have been practicing some last 30 years and I'm here to take some adviceNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:26 okay all right first of all I want to Could you pleaseIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:46 I have been smoking from past 30 years do you knowNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:55 Okay, so could you please tell me for what reason you want to see smoking?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:01 Yes nurse actually this is very important. I'm trying to quit this habit because I'm looking after my baby grandson and I know the smoking is harmful to him. So I want to quitNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:16 that thing and you know, children are very very very good that day you want to to avoid any harmful effects please don't worry that that is a chance of giving up smoking and there are various methods to give upIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:49 on you like I'm writingNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:55 all I want to say that the problem like nothing can be reversed try to avoid smoking gradually. I know really made me feel very anxious about but that is the first time but later on you will be I advise you to pick a date. So that will be really useful for you. Yes. And I advise you to join some support groups that will be really beneficial for you you can learn from many people who stopped smoking so try to attend due support group committees conducted every week that will be released.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:50 Yes, now I will try to follow your suggestions but giving up smoking sounds really hard.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 2:57 Oh, okay. I understand that. That are many alternative relaxation methods are there are you having doing regular active meditation? Do we have suchIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:13 no nurse I don't have any such habits.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 3:17 Okay, I know one of the yoga meditation and meditation center and if you allow me I'll be do the yogaIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:31 for you? Yes. This sounds very much better.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 3:36 Okay fine. So instead of smoking you can divert smoking by having some alternative methods like electronic smoking or else you can get nicotine prescription from the pharmacy so that you can use those chewing gum to forget about thisIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:02 I will try to cut down the number of cigarettes i smoke for the day.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 4:08 You know if you stop smoking will be really useful for you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:16 Yes, nurse, thank you so much for your support.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 4:21 So follow the guidelines. If you find any difficulties, please come and approve the clinic. We are there to help you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:29 Share nurse. Okay, thank 4:31 you so much.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:33 Thank you. Have a nice days. Okay.


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