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SS .1772. Anu Thomas - Manju tak


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IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:03 Good evening Good eveningNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:06 my name is Thomas for optimist genius agonistic the clinic for better communication could you please tell me your name?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:14 Yes nurse My name is JohnNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:18 John How can I help you todayIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:21 I want to give up the smoking habit which I have been practicing from past 30 years and I'm here to get some advice from you.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:32 I appreciate your decision to quit smoking and very important that we give you the proper guidance and solutions to overcome situationIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:40 so good for you. Yes, nice.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:44 Okay, so before we proceed further can answer some questions regarding your habit. Yes, nurse. Okay, so could you please tell me what type of security are usingIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:56 nerves I roll my own cigarettes.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:00 Okay, so we're trying any kind of activities no nerves. IIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:09 have never tried to give up this habit before. This is my first attempt.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:16 Okay, so could you please tell me because you're getting smokingIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:20 nurse I'm taking care of my baby grandson and I know smoking is harmful for him. So I decided to quit the habit.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:30 Okay, thank you for your valuable information. So now I will give you the explanation regarding how you smokingIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:38 so can I please proceed nurseNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:42 Okay, so could you please tell me what you know anything about the effects of smoking?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:47 No nurse I don't know.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:50 I've explained to you the ill effects like smoking the chance of getting some serious disease conditions like cancer asthma like that so that it's a good idea to do smoking as soon as possible that really helpful for you to prevent this kind of getting in assess conditionsIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:12 yes, no, it'sNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 2:15 okay other than that a lot of money expense like you are buying cigarettes there are times so it's it's processing like expensive process so your goodness MARGIE You can say a lot of moneyIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:32 Yes. Yes nurse I hope this will be helpful but nurse I can tell you that smoking is a relaxing strategy for me and I don't think anything can replace eachNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 2:46 consents of various number by this is like it's you know you have packages of other kinds of activities like yoga or music that we have to do reduces stress and smoking is helpful for your health conditions.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:07 Yes, now I will try to follow your suggestion but giving up smoking sounds really hard.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 3:14 Okay, I know this smoking is very hard for you but you know you just think about the effects or the benefits of the good swag is so helpful for you to overcome this kind of kids walking so I will explain to you some kind of activities that will helpful for you to overcome situations again a yes noIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:38 please proceedNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 3:41 at the present moment you're ever present in idea we have some lots of ideas to get sworn in like the nicotine patches of gums so you can use that very helpful for a new release or for having of smoking burning candleIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:56 that yes nurse I will do itNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 4:00 Okay, the other thing is like the smoking cessation group so maybe provide some other options like smoking like smoking options like cold turkey methodIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:13 that no no it's I don't know.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 4:17 Okay, they called again Methodist, medical reduces smoking cigarettes day by day. So on there you can able to come with cessation of smoking.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:30 Yes notes.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 4:32 So, if you are in the arrangement departments they will give a proper explanation regarding that. So are interested thatIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 4:42 yes, now as I'm invested because I'm really intending to drop this habit.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 4:50 Okay, I appreciate your decision. So, we invite you back this some other kinds of things like to engage with your family friends and they spent more time with. So that's really helpful for likes in your mind and helpful for you to reduce crime into getting cigarettes.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:13 Sure. is nice, I will do it.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 5:17 Okay, so that's another main points in mining regardless conditions and also, please do the exercise regularly. So it's also helpful for you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:26 Okay now.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:28 Yes nurse, thank you so much for the advice.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 5:31 Okay, so if you have any further queries, you can contact me at any time to help you. Thank you.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:38 Thank you, nurse. Have a nice day.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 5:40 Thank you.


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