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SS .1763. Usha Thomas - Manju tak



IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:03 Good morning nurseNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 0:07 today know your name pleaseIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:09 My name is JohnNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 0:13 nurses working in this clinic in the rehabilitation unit you came to see you right?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 0:24 Yes, absolutely right.NU NURSE USHA THOMAS 0:29 So, the reason why you want to see so think about her condition, did you see Did you see Socrata?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:05 No, no you were checking my mother and I want from youNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 1:16 a good person that you have because I have just explained so before about your opinion about conditional is better or it's deteriorating.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 1:34 Come back to yesterday when I saw her yesterday, she was not bad to find and today she is comfortable and I'm glad about it.NU NURSE USHA THOMAS 1:43 Exactly. So, that is what I just want to tell you that she is coming situation now, is this a faster stage of recovery I should say that because there is three stages of recovery first stage if she can, she can pass through the second recovery stage that is absolutely the fastest just perfectly alright. So, that was a few things that I need to tell you. And the second is about the memory and storage capabilities that is this not that much change, I could see in that speech disturbances three has even though slight improvement, it is really appreciable, because there is a slight mobility I could see in her legs. So, I hope she comes back soon. Did you get my point?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 2:42 Yes, can you please tell me frequently Can I visit my mother so that she gets timeNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 2:50 when you can visit your mother because you need to visit your mom according to rules and regulations, there is some time means to visit with the team and their policies. So that they will explain you okay this families meet regularly, you can engage with Sue for lifting his mood like you can talk to him express some happy news and you can talk to him in a good way. So that it will introduce him energy and try to speak after your chance of starting to speak. So, do increases energy and it will establish routinely. So, I encourage you to come every day and talk for too long like five minutes or 10 minutes time limitationIM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 3:58 I can do it can you please tell me take my mother outside to visit so, she can get someNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 4:09 sorry for that because she cannot come and say at the moment she need to take some rest. And if you can bring one or two visitors reduce visitors that is our policy according to our policy and please avoid the timing which is really timeo week after the second stage of recovery, that can be possible but if you take her now it is very difficult to handle and there is high risk to fall and all because her muscles are not strong. So I recommend do after a week or after when she is covered from her condition. So you can come and visit her and you can talk to her and you can share your experiences to her that is all fine.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:05 Okay, now as I asked youNU NURSE USHA THOMAS 5:09 and I need to give you an address also, just making to Marcus Modi will be exercises when you come here, please try to do some mobility exercises with the hands and legs. So with the family members, he will be more convenient to do these all exercises, it will really help him to come out of his situations. And you get my point.IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 5:36 Yes, I agree with you.NU NURSE USHA THOMAS 5:40 And now, now I think it's almost five minutes, we said all our things, all our space. So I think it is the best time for you to do because we need to monitor him and the nurse need to care for him. So is it the right time to leave the rehabilitation unit or do you have any other concerns?IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 6:03 No nurse, thank you so much. I will leave now.NU NURSE USHA THOMAS 6:07 Okay, thank you for your cooperation and thank you for understanding because this is our time to give him more care. So so we will see his enrollment after a week and we are here to help him Don't worry about him. IM INTERLOCUTOR MANJU TAK 6:22 Thank you.


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