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SS .1747. Jesmy Anthony - Anusha Kyatham



NJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:01 Good morning IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:02 Good morningNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:04 my name is dismiss and one of the registered nurses working in this emergency department and I will take care of you today for my better confirmation with your case not May I know your nameIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:15 my name is JohnNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:19 you're 35 year old Lisa rightIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:21 yes nurseNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:25 near me to the hospital following a car accident in early in the morning right?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:31 Yes nurseNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:34 friendly Do you have any associated symptomsIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:37 nurse I'm confused by my kept in the hospital for a long time there has no signs of broken bones and injuriesNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 0:48 okay Ican certainly understand your concerns. But as you already know that your superficial injuries are very less however we need to confirm is there any internal injuries or any pleadings are there for which we are kept you in under observation at least for 12 hours? That is very essential to you. Okay, and currently are in a processing for discharge. Okay.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:14 Okay, not I don't understand why how been given this medication can you explain me about thisNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 1:24 for you and this is a medicine which mainly includes in anti inflammatory drugs and pain medicine cell here, it is very helpful for you to get the muscle relaxants at this time because following the accident, some of your muscles get weaker and it becomes stiff. So you need to relieve muscleokay, even after you get discharged from the hospital, you need to follow the process which includes you apply some feature icepacks in the operative area, and please continue the medicines include analgesics and apply this color as the prescribed time period. Am I clear to you?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:15 Yes. Nice. Can you please explain me how long there will be the recovery period will physiotherapy help me to shorten the recovery period?NJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 2:26 Yes, whatever Yun said is right. The physiotherapy will help you to get easy recovery when you are if you are ready to follow the instructions correctly Okay. Approximately a complete recovery period is not predictable, I can suggest you an approximate time which include two to three weeks of time with complete bedrest and with limited physical activities okay. And this can help you to get relief from the muscle stiffness with simple modulating exercises and relaxing and loosen up the joints again it is very important to make complaints with your treatment regimen and the exercise program okay. And if you have any complications or any unusual symptoms like increasing pain, handedness, heavy handedness or any nausea vomiting or any discomfort, any vision problems P is immediately contact with the emergency department as soon as possible to roll out further complications.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:43 Can you please tell me how long will it be before I got better?NJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 3:50 Can you this I have already told you that the complete exact time period is not at all predictable. But you need to follow these things at least for two to three days. After that, follow up is very essential from the findings we can proceed with the further okay do you haveIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:14 any other concerns known asNJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 4:17 Okay. So let me proceed with the discharge processes. We will arrange the ambulance for you and for the for the physiotherapist consultation we can arrange it from our home city or hospital settings itself. IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:31 Okay, NJ NURSE JESMY ANTONY 4:32 okay. We take care of yourself and contact if you have any further problems and queries.


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