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SS .1730. Anushiya Rnrm - Anusha Kyatham



NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 0:01 Good morning. NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:02 Good morning.NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 0:04 My name is Rochelle, one of the registered nurses working in this emergency department. How may I address you?NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:13 My name is John.NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 0:17 Okay. Do you know the reasons why you are kept in this emergency department?NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:25 If I at all, I am in a car accident early today.NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 0:31 Okay. Okay, that's right. You told that you were involved in a car accident earlier today. And now you're experiencing any kind of pain right now.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:47 So I'm confused by my I am kept in the hospital for a long time. There is no signs of it. They broke bones and injuries.NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 0:56 Their concerns are reasonable. But try not to worry you have been kept in the emergency department for monitoring. Nothing to get alarmed about this. That you're being kept as you have been diagnosed with whiplash that is nothing an injury to the cervical spine. And you will be distressed today.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 1:21 I don't understand why I how we given this medication. Can you explain me about this?NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 1:30 Let me explain you this, this medications are given for given you to recover soon and to ease your pain. And when once you return your home will be stopped. Are you following me? IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:46 Yes. NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 1:49 Indeed have any other concerns?NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 1:51 Yes. Yes. Can you please explain what will be the recovery period will physiotherapy help me to shorten the recoveryNA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 1:59 period? I can understand that your perspective but try not to worry. I'm not the concerned doctor. To tell you your recovery period, the doctor who's there will be telling you when you will be getting discharged and when how much time it will get for recovery.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 2:23 Okay, is there anything I need to know?NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 2:28 If you comply with the importance of treatment and you do the exercise properly? I can assure you, you can get done so.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 2:36 Will there be any after effects or ongoing effects of surgery?NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 2:42 Currently a condition is stable, but there is nothing to be concerned. You're alright. But you should follow proper medical advice and take the medications at proper time and discharging when you go home. If there's any increased pain or discomfort and like nausea, vomiting or vision problems, I highly advise you to see the medical advice. Are you following me? And you have any further concerns? I think I have clarified all your doubts.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 3:21 Yes, I am clear all doubts.NA NURSE ANUSHIYA RNRM 3:24 Thank you for answering my questions. And I wish you a speedy recovery.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:30 Thank you.


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