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SS .1712. Evelin susan - Anusha Kyatham



NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:00 Good evening. GoodIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:01 evening.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:02 My name is Tex man, one of the registers in the emergency department. And regarding four, would you would you please tell me for document purpose? Tell me Okay, Mr. John, do you aware about way okay for the emergency department to be aware?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:28 Yes. I'm involved in a car accident they're late today.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 0:33 Yeah. I'm sorry to hear about Don't worry, you are the same then we all are here to help you according to your condition, you have caudex So, you have a little bitIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:51 confused, I am kept in the hospital for a long time there is no science for headache, broken bones and injuries.NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:00 I can concerns reasonable according to the you have cervical spine injury. So, doctor they are order for the order for that urgency and when for whom they are giving for the medication also for pain deliver they will give you for right now. Do you have any other concerns to John?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:25 Yes, I don't understand why I have been given this medication can you explain me about thisNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 1:33 and definitely according the car accident, so doctor they put further analysis and cervical spine injury. So cervical spine injury, you cannot see that maybe later on you will have pain it will become so right now you have pain. So doctor they put for analgesic medication, the pain already been delivered, the ones you are going home, then you have to apply that if you have pain, you have to apply that hit hit the formulation and take medication they apply that iceberg was fine. So you have to apply you have to wear that this color, color spine to you following me.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:25 Skin Can you please explain me? How long are we the recovery period will help me to shorten the recovery period?NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 2:34 You're asking nice question, Mr. John, according that offer the the subscripts for you that are based the visit that we don't know how long it will go and deliver muscle and relaxes and it says you have to do that they will be losing for the joints maybe it will until pain will subside it will take time. So don't worry, it will be record soon. So you have to do that exercise then follow that all treatment and whatever doctor is righty. So you have to follow that medication also. So I am subscribing for you have to medical better to see that medical advice. And if we have increased pain, if you have discovered or nausea vomiting if you have any vision problem immediately you contact with medical doctorIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:42 before I got better,NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:45 I didn't go to your point. Can you repeat it?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:49 Can you please tell me how long will it be before I got better?NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 3:55 Once the PC therapy, fine, you are taking the day exercising, your muscle will be joined, relaxes everything is fine. You will be better it will be required.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:08 Okay nowNE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 4:09 , hopefully you're understanding what I'm saying yes. Do you have any concerns to John?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:17 Is there anything else I need to know?NE NURSE EVELIN SUSAN 4:21 I will give you that one processor and that you can carry on. So whenever you have doubt you can read through that process which will help for you. IBC will record soon. If you have any doubt you can contact this number. Thank you. Thank you.


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