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SS .1666. Najma Sulaiman - Sheba Kurian



N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 0:01 Good morningIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:02 Good morning sisterN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 0:07 Agnes Vasily my desert nurse walking into a clinicIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:10 okayN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 0:13 may not may know the reason for this upon myIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:16 a year sister I'm a parent of four year old girl who has suspected bladder infection which she gets frequently when we consult with a doctor he has requested a urine sample so I'm here to get a sample bottle and also the procedure for getting the urine sample sister so could you please help meN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 0:37 off of course I will do to help you to the process here so you want to know more about that urine collection personal versus Amica rightIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:48 yes, it's stillN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 0:50 okay before collecting the sample for urine collection for the test the your child need to drink water to fill the tankIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:00 okay. YesN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 1:02 and it is very very important to collect a big stream of a god okay. And and and and use a sterile water samples to collect the collectorIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:18 who Okay sister I understood and I will definitely follow the instruction IN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 1:23 am I am stressing the point that you need to collect the sample in survey Borges and Sam sample will not be contaminated because it will compromise the results of the test.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:36 Okay sister I definitely I will follow your instructions. So how quickly I need to bring the sample.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 1:44 Okay. Can I be default procedure once again?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:49 Cookie quickly I need to bring the urine sample to the clinic.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 1:55 Okay. It can take take to the cleaning we can tell us.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:01 Okay, yes, stirN NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 2:04 it up. See if we can take the sample within Chawla, you need to collect a sample. Once again. He goes that sample will be contaminated.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:16 Okay sister and sister and my daughter keeps getting bladder infection. And I don't think that this problem will be resolved soon. I'm very much concerned about his sister.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 2:29 Your concern is quite natural being a mother. If it's very difficult to call with the situation. I let let me assure you one thing, the urinary tract infection for the adults like this. Children are very common. It's not a serious condition. That is usually caused by the reluctance to pee or lack of hydration. Hydration, I would like to ask one question, how will How will your baby hydrated and water water?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:07 No sister it is very difficult to make her to drink water and also I don't think that she use that she uses the washroom in her nursery since she's new to that place.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 3:20 Okay, I suspect that that's why your baby's suffering from this kind of recurrent urinary tract infection. So in order to avoid the occurrence of the urinary tract infection, your baby need to drink more or more modern model for the like eight to 10 glasses of water per day. Okay. And like and I need to need to be a need to go to toilet in every three to four hours.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:50 Okay, sister, I'll try to do that.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 3:54 Okay, do we have any other concerns?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:58 I don't have any concern sister. You have clarified all my doubt you you explained to me very well. I'm glad for that. And you made me to understand that it is just a phase and it can be easily treatable, so I will get the sample as soon as possible sister.N NURSE NAJMA SULAIMAN 4:16 Okay. Yeah. Thank you.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:20 Thank you so much.


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