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SS.1618. Sarita chinnan - Anusha



IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:00 Good morningNS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 0:02 my name is study time and I'm working in this hospital casualty what? How may I help you?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:09 My name is John I am 35 years old I am in a car accident todayNS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 0:19 yes I understand your concern but may not the reason why you wantIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:28 no I'm confused as to why I am kept in the hospital for a long time there are no signs of broken bones and injuriesNS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 0:39 yeah I understand the work on son John but some you know some car accidentally chair you take also you're facing a headache suffering from headache. That's reason we are suspecting you may have some cervical spine injury. That's the reason you kept in the hospital ward for observation. But it's expected to be discharged later in the day.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:12 Okay, not nice. I don't understand why I have been given this medication. Can you explain me about this?NS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 1:22 Yeah, I will explain you in detail because I go from cervical spine injury and then you are facing some headaches. That's the reason we are given this medication instead of that you are going home also you can use a instead of medication you can use some keep bags are ice packs, and then unadjusted we will provide you and then you should be the collar cervical collar for support the neck.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:00 Okay, can you please explain me how long there will be the recovery period will physiotherapy help me to shorten the recovery period?NS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 2:10 Yeah, I I can't tell the exact recovery period, but you should you should you should wait for that the physiotherapy will provide you to relax and loosens your joints and then it will take time you should take rest also for few weeks.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:35 Okay, is there anything else I need to know?NS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 2:41 Yes, you should not do any strainers activities you should raise your neck and then every time you should we are the caller will provide you the physiotherapist he will teach you regarding our exercise you should do and then if you are facing any any discomfort nausea vomiting, any mission changes you should contact immediate medical attention then see the doctor immediatelyIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:20 will there be any after effects or ongoing effects of surgeryNS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 3:27 that there is no no there is no need for surgery. But this problem persist Your doctor will advise you that time if you required surgery that time they will tell youIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:45 okay now isNS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 3:49 the right time and this time I No need to not do any surgery for these problems. You should take rays and then if you are not recovering from this condition for a long time they will give some injection for thisIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 4:12 that that injection they will give you in the in this neck in your medical direction they will provide you do you have any concerns JohnIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:28 donors?NS NURSE SARITHA CHINNAN 4:31 Okay, John, I have cleared all your doubts if you have any doubt you can contact me immediately.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:37 Thank you for all the information.


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