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NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:00 Good morning.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:01 Good morning.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:03 My name is Phoebe Thomas. I'm the emergency department nurse in the one going to take care of you today. Well, you had an accident and you had some blood loss and you need a blood transfusion aspetta. Doctor. So do you have any concerns regarding the blood transfusion?NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:24 Yes. What is blood transfusion?NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:29 Okay, I understand your concern for the documentation purpose may know your name.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:35 My name is John.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:39 John, blood transfusion is replacement of blood to your blood circulation. As you have lost a lot of blood during the accident or getting meNS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 0:53 Yes, Nurse nurse, I have read that patient contracted HIV through blood transfusion.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 1:02 Mr. John, I understand your worries regarding the transition and what you heard from other media or other people. But believe me, it is not possible to have infection through the redline session, because we are taking the blood after screening the donors and the test donated blood for possible infection. And in getting meNS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 1:31 Yes, nice. Nice. I don't know about all these. Can you please give me any information about this? Is there any risk of loss in my blood? Can you please explain about the procedure?NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 1:44 Okay, John, I apologize your concerns. But try not to worry, I'm here to explain you everything in detail so that you will get adequate amount of information regarding blood transfusion before you start it may proceed please. IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:00 Yes. NS NURSE SIMI VARGHESE 2:03 John, we do blood transfusion in a sterile conditions. And we do use new syringes for the transmission. And we start the blood transmission. We have a nurse to watch you closely. Regarding your heart rate, your blood pressure, and any changes in your body or any skin rashes, anything we're going to monitor you closely. How does it sounds? Yes. So try not to worry about anything, we are here to monitor you. We are here to watch your condition and we say send you home in a stable condition.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 2:47 Okay, what are the side effects nurse?NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 2:51 Well, there are very minor side effects for the blood transfusion. But believe me, they are very minimal and they outweigh the benefits. They are not outweighed the benefits, the benefits are good one and side effects are very minimal. Like you will you may have some rashes or your urine may have some amount of blood. You may feel fever or chills. Those kinds of deep breathing difficulty these kind of side effects could be there. But they're veryNS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 3:31 okayness.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 3:34 So being said that Do you have any other concerns regarding blood transfusion?NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 3:39 No nurseNS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 3:42 Okay, so you really require a blood transfusion in order to recover fully and replenish your body with the amount of blood which was lost during the Road Track the traffic accident. So I hope I have clarified all your doubts regarding Blackfan station. And you baton station is totally safe and it is not contaminated or infected from HIV. And you have no risk of getting HIV or hepatitis through the blood transfusion. We're doing it in a sterile way. And there is a nurse to watch you during the procedure and the after the procedure. So okay, I hope you understand everything.NS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 4:32 Yes. I don't know anything about the procedure after your explanation. I understand and I am ready to have the transmission.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:41 Okay, thankNS NURSE SIBY BLESSAN 4:42 you for listening to me. Have a nice dayIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 4:45 . Thank you.


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