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SS. 1586. Sahad K - Manju tak



IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:03 Good afternoonNS NURSE SAHAD 0:06 my name is Sam biomed is a nurse working in this clinic for MayorIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:11 My name is JohnNS NURSE SAHAD 0:15 What brings you here today?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:17 No it's actually one of my employer has referred me to this mental health clinic because of my stress and depressionNS NURSE SAHAD 0:34 run into her you're in the right place before that ask you some questions regarding your family and stuff okay, so how long you feel like this problemIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:54 has been experiencing this depression and highly stressful condition over the past three months.NS NURSE SAHAD 1:05 Four Do you feel? Low?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:09 Yes nurse. Because of this depression, I'm not able to concentrate on any other work and I have lost my job. My energy levels are going on decreasing I'm having a lot of difficulty to sleep. Actually, I sleep at the starting but I wake up during the Midnight's and I'm unable to sleep again that is very much uncomfortable.NS NURSE SAHAD 1:41 And is this affect your family?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:45 Can you please repeat?NS NURSE SAHAD 1:48 Is that the impact on your family?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:51 Yes, nurse. Actually, I have lost my spouse last year in an accident and after that I'm completely depressed.NS NURSE SAHAD 2:01 Or I'm really sorry to hear that. How is lifeIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:08 nurse as I told you, I have lost my job because of depression. And I'm not able to cope with stress and depression I just lie down on the sofa all over the day and think about itNS NURSE SAHAD 2:23 or completely understand. So we ever think about self harm.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:31 Despite of these negative feelings, I can't think of hurting myself because I have responsibility of two children on my shouldersNS NURSE SAHAD 2:45 so I'm very sorry for this happened to have no need to level definitely. Q is one so so so you're thinking about depression. So the doctor really, definitely diagnosis and when I bought these for for my pseudoIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:14 back nurse, is there any treatment or medication available for depressionNS NURSE SAHAD 3:24 don't get meant for depression and easily treatable with medicine which are given by the book. So relax and do you have any other concerns?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:38 No, I just don't know how to cope with the situation supporting my family as a single parent I have even lost my job. I don't understand what to doNS NURSE SAHAD 3:51 on your court but the productivity report about the job dedicated to report about your company, so that they will they will power daily so that you will be okay for them. So, am I clearIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:21 to Joe Yes.NS NURSE SAHAD 4:25 So, in addition to that, I would like to provide some depression support groupIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:33 for you. Okay, now, if you recommend that a group will be helpful for my condition and I agree with youNS NURSE SAHAD 4:45 during the q&a knowledgeable this problem and they know that this medications short term and that will also sort of queue on for All come to situation so do we have any otherIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:04 queries no nurseNS NURSE SAHAD 5:08 for a period earlier consent and wishes speedy recovery IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 5:14 Thank you.


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