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SS. 1585. Sahad- Manju Tak



NS NURSE SAHAD 0:03 Okay, good afternoon IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:05 Good afternoonNS NURSE SAHAD 0:07 my name is Tom I'm a barrister nurse programs department How may I address you?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:13 My name is MaggieNS NURSE SAHAD 0:17 Marina we just saw resorted to what happened here no need to arrange for any other consentIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 0:32 yes no actually I'm really worried about the diagnosis was really unexpected I believe that it was fewNS NURSE SAHAD 0:42 like I'm really sorry to tell you that about the diagnosis but the doctor already said that really some problem in the child's brain no need to do the metrum for to bring back to the barber so do you have any contentIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:13 Yeah, yes. I want to know where is my son? I haven't seen him for five hours Can I please visit himNS NURSE SAHAD 1:27 at least in the curry in October and Molly because we given some sedation that mean the child is in the sleeping now so after your child can meet soaking so McCrea toIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 1:48 okay nurse I agree with you. Can you please tell me about the chances of reoccurrence of this tumor and the possibility of long term effects on hisNS NURSE SAHAD 2:01 body your comfort level I will definitely tell you the doctor thing that is not can non cancerous or not likely to rotate so to the MRI after the surgery after the view after some months to move the condition so will be whatever it may be my Kamakoti after the photo. So do we have any other content?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 2:35 Yes, can you please advise on the availability of supposed to discharge careNS NURSE SAHAD 2:43 this might be some imaginary situation so I'll definitely be able to speak from my physical mobility in the daring behavior and speech disorder so but maybe we'll provide some follow up care after the distributor some occupational therapy so give us also a little comment with your home and they will do the necessary arrangement and things to do so much appealIM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:25 as nurse thank you so much for the informationNS NURSE SAHAD 3:30 okay Maggie so after the surgery this particular speech therapist they will hope for the thing and also revisit and support you and there are some support groups also available several Macomb arrangement to make do so is it okay for you?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 3:52 Yes. I hope that will be helpfulNS NURSE SAHAD 3:58 Mikey So do we have any other concerns?IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:01 No, no, I just want to meet my son please let me know when he's ready to visitNS NURSE SAHAD 4:09 my gear we'll definitely arrange for that. Now. I can prefer that like after here I will make I will make a make arrangement to meet your son shortly. So thank you and retreat is pretty cool your your church.IM INTERLOCUTER MANJU 4:31 Thank you.


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