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SS. 1583. Simimol - Priyanka. A - Copy



NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:01 HelloIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:05 good morning thisNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:08 morning I was working in thisIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:16 okayness Thank you my name is JohnNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:27 How can I help IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:30 I would how experienced this I'm this depression over the last three monthsNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:44 is some information from the institute okayIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 1:02 feeling NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:05 sadness IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 1:08 I have been feeling fed up with life one of my employer has been referred to me to me mental health clinic I have been difficult to sleep in sleep I wake up during the midnight I am unable to speak against sleep again I have lost my spouse last year on an accident and I have support my family as a single parent I lost my jobNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:03 last year that experience experienced any risk of self harm IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 2:11 despite of these negative feelings I cannot hurting myself because of my kids NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:28 come on sis for youIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 2:34 okaynessNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:45 change okay can take three daysIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 3:07 okay NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:10 but also support groups are available medications medications oh goodnessIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 3:34 I agree with you thank you know thank youNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:55 shorter medications and thank IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 4:04 goodness Thank you.


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