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SS. 1578.Punitha Franklina - Priyanka. A



NP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 0:01 Good morningIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:02 Good morningNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 0:05 family no not the registered nurses working in this emergency department. Me nowIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:10 Good morning nurse nurse I have bought my son to hospital because he has been suffering from warm things in a headache from past two weeks doctor has ordered Mr. It is for his further investigationNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 0:27 before proceeding further How may I trust youIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:31 nurse believed that it was fear and I bought him to hospital to know why was not here recoveringNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 0:42 painful I can understand now don't worry we are here to help you be suggested to here do your mind study because it leads to having bad meetings last two weeks no as you told me okay for youIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 1:08 okaynessNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 1:12 salad are the necessary arrangement for the Moorish study is right here I will do the necessary arrangement I can understand as your mother it is very painful your marriage study we are going to do right now it's an MRI study is sometimes delayed because at least six years old sometimes use a sense for that procedure is that okay for you is that your child will get well so your son is in our safeIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 2:04 nurse if you wanted to go doctor said that my son is having a tumor in his back side of his head he requested surgeryNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 2:16 try not to worry too much in our safe that will be shaved and your son will be recovered soon after the surgery. He said okay. I said my barrier is a very painful thing. So for some pain that is you need pain, even some pain. Medication is thatIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 2:48 okaynessNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 2:52 Okay, am I sorry, not the current again, after this surgery well Sandra is ready after the summer some months for monitoring and monitor some potential problems alsoIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 3:09 in genus please advise on our ability of postdischarge scaleNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 3:18 to decide whether there is a possibility that is some physical abilities, some behavior, behavioral changes and speech difficulties are also also required of the Saudi Arabia here to help you that some supported groups also available where they do some support. Some speech therapy and physical therapy also. If you register your name in thatIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 3:54 okaynessNP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 3:57 I'm sorry, you don't see any case g CO mother you should use strong support and determination to your son always try to provide strong support is that okay? Okay,IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 4:13 nervousness I was not a good parent to Jimmy I should have been more careful.NP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 4:22 Like that try to get it's not a very big problem. And there is some support the group also they will you take care of your child. Is that okay?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 4:40 okayness.NP NURSE PUNITHA FRANKLIN 4:44 Okay, I'm seeing a speedy recovery. Thank you very much. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Thank you very muchIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 4:52 smokiness. Thank you.


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