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SS. 1555. Rajya lekshmi - Sheba Kurian



NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:00 Chester morningIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:03 Good morning NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:06 my name is Raja Lakshmi one of the registered nurses working in this hospital Children's HospitalIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:15 okayNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:18 please be heard please have a seatIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:21 sister I have been waiting for the past one hour with my daughter who is ill and no one is bothered about this so I want the doctor right now to us as my daughterNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:37 okay let me know before conversation ma'am know your name pleaseIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:43 My name is Shiva and please call the doctor right now systemNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:51 okay miss Shiva and right now doctors are dealing with the emergence the patient they are busy as soon as possible they will be coming in shortly they will come and see your childIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:07 sister my child my child has been experiencing chest tightness, wheezing and beating difficulty and I'm just anxious about that my child has asthma or not. So, I want the doctor to be as I said my daughter daughter so that my stress will be relievedNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 1:31 Miss Chiba I completely understand your situation being a mother I know it may be difficult this situation please cooperate with us I know you are on your right place I can help you know trying to cooperate with us okay,IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:48 oh goose is stillNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 1:51 alive. So, a child the doctor will be dealing with emergency department emergency cases and your child condition is it so, we can manage trouble and try to understand I will assess your child since you wereIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:09 sister if you ask us my child will be able to provide me the diagnosisNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 2:15 sorry, we are not right person to be diagnosis for the for the condition and to get just assess to the give the good position and what the the we can find out the what is the problem mean so what is we can treatable we can trick it okay it is manageable, this is getting difficult right? We will give for you I will assess for the vital signs I will take then I will do good position for your baby. Leah ChibaIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:51 your sister it's very much clear but it would be better the doctor comes on as my child because I'm very anxious about my child's conditionNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 3:05 Miss Sheba try to understand doctor will come shortly and as I save a baby and you don't have to worry and you don't have to be panicky about this child condition we will give the proper medication and care for reverseIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:23 okay just still please yeah,NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 3:26 well the I just come to know any medical history about your childIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:31 or no sister she's not having any problem and is the first time she is experiencing this problem. She had fever for the last two days and also cough but suddenly she got these all symptoms today morning that's why then I just rushed to the emergency departmentNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 3:51 okay Mishima This is first time it's happened like this how we will add a suspect in the your child how any distal edgeIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:00 No sister no allergies.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:04 Okay baby as exposed to any cold weather or anything.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:08 No sister shouldn't Shiva never exposed to cold weather?NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:14 Okay, Miss Sheba the child has you according to your information I hear it's a baby having chest tightness and breathing difficulties and suspected ask them all right you saidIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:29 yes.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:33 Yeah, it's suspected as the mom means only the baby has faced to the first time Yeah. So we cannot suspected for these as the MA The doctor has to be decided we are not the right person to decide for the diagnosis of the customer. Okay doctor will come shortly and assess Okay,IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:55 ` okay. NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:56 And before that, I will. I will assume you Shall I assess your babyIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:01 year sister? You can ask us my baby.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 5:05 Yeah, I will check the riders. According to my assessment. Baby's vitals are not normal. It's a baby having the breathing difficulties and the respiratory rate is a little bit high. And we will provide for your baby for the some of the blood investigation and the good position we will take you and then and we will provide for her in oxygenation. Okay,IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:33 andNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 5:34 the doctor will come and shortly assess and he will the diagnosis for the baby's condition. Sadly, yes, she boughtIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:42 your sister.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 5:45 You have any other concern?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:47 No sister.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 5:49 Okay, thank you for cooperation Chiba. And your doctor will come shortly and he says thank you so much.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:58 Thank you.


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