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SS. 1548. Deepthi Sandeep - Sheba Kurian



ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:00 Hi, good morning ShivaIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:02 . Good morning.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:05 My name is deep Islam and I'm one of the registered nurses working in this world and today I will take care of you. Okay, looking so worried what happened you?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:14 I don't think sister if I share my problems with you you are able to give me some solution then why should I ventilate my problems with you?ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 0:24 Or is really sorry to hear that mushy balm What happened to you? Because if you ventilate your problem in it, definitely I will give oneIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:32 solution. Okay, sister share with me Yes, sister, as you know that I'm a patient with end stage renal disease and my health is deteriorating day by day. And the doctor has told me to undergo the dialysis and I hate this dialysis sister and also, I don't think that I will be getting donor own time so I just want a piece for that system.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 1:00 Or your concern survey. The reason I'm Billa Mishima, but you don't worry because first of all, I will be explaining model dialysis and the importance of dialysis for your present situation. Okay. Yes, you mentioned earlier your doctor has been addressed to take dialysis because still we didn't find out any doctor don't ask for you. But you don't talk at our hospital. What network is highly? Why why avoid a network so definitely as soon as possible we will get to one donor for you. So you don't believe him until that time, i strongly recommend you to take this dialysis. But here it is the dialysis before Rhonda Do you know what is the exact purpose of this dialysis?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 1:51 I know sister I heard before but I don't want any further treatment sister I demand to be notified as a note for resuscitation if I have any cardiac arrest while on treatment system because I want a peaceful death as I mentioned earlierND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 2:08 all I can understand that you are going through a very hard situation but Shiva I am your caregiver concerns I really accept your concern and but I strongly recommend you to take this dialysis because I noticed many patients in here with the same problem and taking the dialysis after dialysis and the Lord and transplantation baby lady very beautiful life nowadays. So I strongly encourage you to take this dialysisIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:41 before you don't want to sister I just want to die with dignity and with the presence of my family members. I don't want to get any more painful for me sister. So please, if I want to write anything I will do that please make an arrangement for that sister. I think you will be able to help me.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 3:03 Well, I can understand you are going through an excruciating situation. But you were you were concerned son also very risk number one. So do you Did Did you notice your decision to be anyone in your family?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:17 I never told Widom sister I want to discuss with them but I will write for your sister because I don't want any further treatment.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 3:28 Okay, I accept your decision now Miss Shiva. But before that, can I send one counselor to you because before taking you you were ready to consult Can you please share your the problem with our counselors because they will really help you.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 3:48 I don't think that the counseling is required to fulfill my desire.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 3:54 Yeah, definitely. They will come and meet you and definitely they will talk with you and you can even do a program with them. And I strongly recommend this counseling section because this is very helpful for you.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:12 Okay, sister, then I will have one session of counseling with them.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:19 Pardon? I will haveIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:21 a one section of counseling.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:24 Yeah, sure. I really appreciate your decision my Sheba so I will take one appointment with them and today they will come and meet you. Oh, that time you can be delayed all your problems.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:39 Okay, all cases toND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:42 be really helpful for you. Okay,IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:45 sister, thank you so much. So,ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:47 thank you so much. And if you have if you have any other partisan, you can press this person I am here to help.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:55 Thank you so much.ND NURSE DEEPTHI SANDEEP 4:57 Okay, thank you so much.


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