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SS .1515. EzurikeLinda - Sheba Kurian



NE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 0:01 Okay good morning ma'am.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:04 Good morningNE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 0:09 please may I know the reason why you are here this morning? Sorry My name is Linda. I'm a registered his community health clinic please be I know your nameIS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 0:23 a year sister actually. I'm here because of like my elder daughter who is six years old who is going for the kinder garden she has head lice and I have another children's I have three children ages three four and six. I'm just absurd and impressive. Because sister I read daily wash her hair hairs but I don't know how it happened and it's the first time I'm being encountered this problem so could you please tell me what can I do for that?NE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 1:06 Okay, Mom, I just want to I'm really sorry about the condition the lies but I want to let you know is a contagious it is contagious. Anyone can easily have hairline because it can easily be infected from one person to the other. At times some people say that it's flies on the air but I don't really know the pathophysiology behind that but what I want you to know is that is not according to how many times you wash your child's prevents him or her from life. It can be transferred out from one person to the order books, I don't want you to be worried about that because they are yours and they are also treatment as to that regard. Did you understand what I said?IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 2:00 A year sister but is there any natural remedy that I can use for my daughter'sNE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 2:12 Oh, okay. But I would also like to suggest for you since your child is in a kingdom that in on this line are in such shows you also inform the school authority as to dareka so you there might be a probability that other children in the school might have contacted us it's come is this spread as in the process where they were playing or hugging each shoulder and there are remedies on this on the use of on the treatment of home remedies just like the use of lice comb, patting the head into smaller hearts and try to use the light lice comb and comb bit from the scum of the hair. So after each combin you check if really there is lies you see them coming out. Also you can also go to a farmer you easily get this like home in departmental stalls or any stores or a new council go to the local pharmacy to check the hubbub products as regards to this lie there are chemical which are used after the head has been washed. It will be packed in small, small parties and you make sure you apply this chemical on the cup of the head. It will kill the lice and also prevents a mother from equal equal incubating in the hair. So our advice you local pharmacy maybe I'll give you one of the name where you visit and get the Saba photos is really helpful.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 4:13 Yes, it's just so as you said that it is candied yours. So would it be transferring to another children or another family members as well?NE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 4:27 Yes, that's what I said earlier, that it can easily be transferred in the process of hogging or playing in an A no children plays a lot. So you really need to also take care of other members of the family to ensure that they were not they don't say have lie. Because this as you call do your child if the child have it, you can easily get it and those who walks together and children's they play also a The school so they can easily get this lies of the treatment is show us you do you follow the remedy or the steps I give you I assure you that it will be destroyed until when it's being controlled it's a mobs have effects on other children around and you can also check if you have other children you can check their if there is presence or the slice to avoid spreading to other parts of the Hey.IS INTERLOCUTOR SHEBA KURIAN 5:38 Okay, NE NURSE EZURIKELINDA 5:39 I would like to provide a live light for you. You can see the treatments on the step by step on how you you treat the line. After costs in the hair. As I said earlier in after washing the hair you caught it in, in in patches in little part is um you try to use the lice comb and confirm the scalp to the tip of the head. After doing that you use something like a toilet or a tissue but let it be white and white the the lice comb and check if you see anyone you can physically destroy it. And after doing those combien you can as well use the the herbal remedy I told you to rub on the cup of the child. It's through Uncas rapid healing prevents it spreading Thank you my I don't know if you understand .


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