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SS .1455. Shilpa Rooj - Mounika Gundeti



IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:00 Good morning NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:01 Nice talkingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:05 is nice I'm sorry.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:07 Okay that I think I'm at the right place and I am at home okay, I got an information that you are moving to and retirement home. So I am here to discuss I'm here to ask is the right time to talk.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:30 Okay now let's come have a seat.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:33 Okay, thank you so much. I see that you want to move to the retirement Oh, could you tell me why you want to relocate?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:42 No, I'm a little worried about lack of privacy there and having socialized with people who may not share favorite pastimeNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:55 alright, I certainly understand your concern. And first of all, I would like to appreciate your enthusiasm and your willingness to move to that retirement home and let me reassure you that there will be enough privacy for you and the timingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:24 is not know my son and my family take me often for me to sign the movie sometimes I go to the clubNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 1:44 alright I understand that I will take note of it. Let me tell you that our East care home in a very comfortable for their clients Okay, we will feel at home and they found suitable there. And also we will take our clients leases, okay, and also quite unrestricted. So your family can come and meet you anytime they want and discuss and in quality time with you. Does that soundIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:13 is now the sounds better?NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 2:16 Okay. You're a scalper. I need to ask you some more questions about your daily routine.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:25 Okay, nice.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 2:27 Okay, let's talk about your sleeping habits. When I mean, those people are good.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:36 My sleeping pattern is daily.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 2:40 Okay, and me? Could you please tell me about your meal pattern.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:48 Nurse I want to tell you about my daily routines. I sleep in your last break fast. I shower without assistance. Then I will pursue my favorite pastime. Followed by lunch, afternoon nap. I will watch to gain the evening news I go to bed at 8:30pmNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 3:17 Do you have any happy dog smoking or drinking or any other habits?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:21 No nice no nice.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 3:30 Okay, thank you Maggie for your information and taking note of it. So that it will help us two days to make a better care plan for you. And also I need to ask one more question about your medication. Do you take any regular medication?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:47 I following the medication prescribed to my doctor.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 3:51 Okay, so do you have any other medical condition like hypertension, diabetes or anything like that?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:58 No, no, it's only I take only blood pressure tablets and a medication to control assert reflex.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:06 Okay, I understand. Okay, I will take note of it. And also let me summarize whatever you have told me eight hours a day and you don't have any habit of smoking and drinking and to medication for high blood pressure andIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 4:24 haven't covered everything okaynessNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:27 okay, I assure you that I will inform you or our management regarding your daily routine and also I will inform your daughters about your daughters know about allIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 4:47 okay nurse can I consult in terms of care and medication?NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:55 I really info all about your medications and everything you do don't have to worry about that. Okay. I will make everythingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 5:07 okay, now, thank you for all your suggestions and advices.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 5:12 Do you have another question regarding that?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 5:15 No, nice and clear. Thank you.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 5:18 Okay, thank you so much for your patience listening and for your cooperation, and I will make that investment as soon as possible. Thanks.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 5:28 Okay, now Thank you. Bye.


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