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SS .1446. Sarita - Mounika Gundeti



IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:00 Good afternoon knows it's nice NS NURSE SARITA 0:08 time to talk with you John regarding your school IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:18 okay now let's proceedNS NURSE SARITA 0:22 okay John excepting because you were alone and then your family will go farm overseas that's why you are searching your retirement that's why I came to talk regarding Is that okayIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:42 okay niceNS NURSE SARITA 0:46 may not the reason why you want to be transferred to retirement homeIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:51 nurse I am little worried about lack of privacy there and having to socialize with the people who may not sure share favorite pastimeNS NURSE SARITA 1:08 I understand John but I will assure you nobody will interfere there is flexible house rules so no need to worry about privacy okay now Do you have any other fans concerns regarding paymentIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:36 no nice No it's my son and my family take me often for meals and movie sometimes I go with my friends and to the clubNS NURSE SARITA 1:52 I will do follow the same also daily routines may know that your daily routinesIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:05 okay now I want to tell you about my daily routines I sleep in I had last break past I shower without assistance then I will pursue my favorite pastime followed by lunch afternoon nap I will watch a game show and the evening news I go over I go to bedNS NURSE SARITA 2:33 according to your daily routines we will follow the same also cutting according to your wish according to your daily routine, you can follow the same you can have a separate room for you and then nobody will interfere with your privacy medication taking any medicationIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:07 is not I'm following the medication prescribed by my doctor no not I take only blood pressure tablets and a medication to control as a side reflexNS NURSE SARITA 3:31 medication even doctors also available to take care of you if there is any need for medical. We'll provide that also. And then based on your discussion, I will assure you that will provide the same what you were requiring. And then I will arrange all those things will inform you adopt data also. Is that okay for you? Okay, I don't care regarding the retirement, your retirement also. We will talk to each other and then we'll say thank you for listening me I go around you adults. If you have any doubt you can contact me immediately.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 4:23 Okay, nice. Thank you. Bye.


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