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SS .1445. Sharmila Dcosta - Mounika Gundeti



IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:00 Good afternoon.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 0:01 My name is Sherman and one of the registers working this war they're taking care of you and return that you are going to be search after your surgery. Is it right? If so, how you're feeling after surgery?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:18 No. I'm afraid of walking around independently ind especially after failing failing our thisNS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 0:28 show yeah don't worry Monica. I will explain you after your discharge what to do and how to manage yourself after discharge, we will take care of you anybody's thereIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:41 is not my daughterNS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 0:43 okay. She will come here to do the discharge or I can explain to youIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:49 is not my dad has planned to discharge today.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 0:53 Okay, don't worry, Monica. Before be surging we will explain regarding you are all Brooklyn works and how you correct and regarding physiotherapy medication, can I proceed thatIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:09 okay now let's proceedNS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 1:12 before that if you have any concernIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:15 please tell me when and how I will receive my medication and pain relief.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 1:21 Sure. MONICA I will explain before that you have underwent surgery and regarding physiotherapy you should be the exercise and what it takes to increase your mobility or is it my point is not so you want to visit therapies is teaching you for that and continue say because there is a downside of dislocation also a word that you should minimize exercise alsoIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:05 Okay, nice.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 2:06 And regarding medication farmers we will ask farmers medication IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:18 is not NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 2:20 so then that will detail the return when to take the medication and how durations if you're acquiringIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:33 Okay, now as I'm clearNS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 2:37 other than everythingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:41 I want to be future in terms of follow up care and the length of time toNS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 2:49 miss MONICA I will explain to you regarding that also for your service, it is an appointment to see the GPS in the use of comms And regarding the seeing and you should do that also.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:11 Okay, nice.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 3:14 Any concerns?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:17 Is there anything else I need to now?NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 3:19 Yes, of course. If in case you have severe bleeding or any complication, you should come to the hospital immediately.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:35 Okay, now, thank you so much for your information.NS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 3:39 I ope the idea you're all downIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:43 is not okay, INS NURSE SHARMILA DCOSTA 3:45 can proceed. Proceed. The discharge plan is applied. Okay, thank you when you got there.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:53 Okay, nice. Thank you.


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