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SS .1429. Nycy Mathew - Anusha kyatham



NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 0:01 Good morning. IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:02 Good morning. NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 0:02 Good morning. My name is Nancy. Matthew, I'm one of the registered nurses working this facility. How are you feeling today? Mr. John? IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:11 Nice.I'm feeling very sad.NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 0:18 Alright, I can sense from your face may know, what is the reason? What is the reason behind your worry or sadness?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:24 So I'm 55 years old and how end stage renal disease and my health is steadily deteriorating.NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 0:34 I'm so sorry to hear that. Okay, don't worry, Mr. John, we are here to you're here to help you and manage your condition. And we have a lot of advanced technologies in our hospital. So don't worry, we will manage your condition according appropriately, according to your condition, according to your needs, don't worry about that. Okay. And as you said, you are in end stage renal failure, but we can manage this condition with the help of dialysis. All right.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:06 Yes, I am worried about it. I hate having dialysis. And I feel that a donor will never be found in law. Hello.NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 1:19 All right, I can understand your concerns every all the patients may have the same feeling. But don't worry, Mr. John, we will definitely get a donor. And we have already hope for the best. And we have already booked for our donor. And according to the availability, we can get the donor the donor, but meanwhile,IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:42 I would suggest you to have a dialysis in a weekly in three times in a week that is really important for you. I don't want to be here anymore. I want to be able to die with dignity and my family president.NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 1:56 All right, I can certainly acknowledge your concerns, Mr. John, but don't worry, don't be disappointed about your condition. As I said, currently, this diet dial is is is really helpful for you, it is going to remove all the waste materials and toxic products from your body. So that your your your your kidney will not be managed will not be damaged, and we can maintain the normal functioning of the kidney. Okay. And I certainly I certainly appreciate and able to work on science regarding this non resuscitation process. Okay, so we have already for that, again, I advise you to consult a counsellor who can support you for the decision and you will be enlisted in this program for the for non resuscitation. Is that clear? Do he IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:52 is nervous. NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 2:54 Okay, and I mean by this is the we have a policy in oxygen and we repeat your your consent in the presence of your family and we will make the consent from you is that is our policy. Okay? So don't worry, we will do the necessary arrangement for that. And we will protect all the dignity of your disease condition. Okay. So don't worry about that. We all are here to help you and and support you. All right.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:26 Yes, nurse.NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 3:28 Okay, so, I would like to tell you once again, that you need to continue this dialysis probe process until we find a donor for you. Yes, yes. Is better. Are you willing to follow thatIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:45 is NASA agree with you?NN NURSE NYCY MATHEW 3:48 I certainly appreciate your willingness. So I hope you you will be you will be alright very soon, and wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for your cooperation.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:58 okayness Thank you.


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