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SS. 1414 . Anu Thomas - Anusha Kyatham


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NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:02 Good morning.IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:02 Good morning.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:05 My name is Andrew Thomas well after his diagnosis working comedian sender and is this John house?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:15 Yes, this is John's house.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:20 Okay, so my dog with his wife,IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:23 yes Ness.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:27 Okay, is that I tend to dog with you. Yes. Good, thank you for your cooperation. So I came here to assess your husband's situations and providing some necessary care to him. So can I do that?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 0:44 Yes, nice.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 0:48 Game. Thank you for your cooperation. So based on my assessment, I noticed that a patient needed full time assessment and caring so so I gave you some suggestions that really helpful for you to manage your husband disease condition is there a gift for you,IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:11 as I'm taking care of him in two years but now I have to do my job that is full time and I don't have time to take care of himNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:24 understand how he was betrayed and so don't worry about that I will give you some solutions that really helpful for you to manage your husband situation. So again,IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 1:34 yes nurseNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 1:40 constant monitoring and round the clock and assistance. So it is a good idea to get help from them or a nursing home. So they will provide appropriate care and assistance your husband and I agree with you. So if you are willing or you get informed that we will inform the homezone for 10 years, so that they will manage this harassment situation and when you can manage your workIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:20 there is no way to give up my work and I really a full time carry a nursing home is best option for my spouse.NA NURSE ANU THOMAS 2:29 I appreciate your decision. So I will explain to you the benefits of nursing home they are providing a high level of round the clock and the experience tabs are available so they will manage your husband situation like providing according to their needs Am I happy with that?IA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 2:53 Home is best out best for my spouseNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 2:58 the present moment your husband is forget the home isn't best option so that we had to hurt his condition to improveIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:16 his nurse please let me know about the rules of the nursing homeNA NURSE ANU THOMAS 3:23 okay, I explained to you thatIA INTERLOCUTER ANUSHA KYATHAM 3:33 hello hello.


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