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SS. 1405 . Bharathi Velmurugan - Srivani Sammeta


SPEAKERS NURSE (80%) NB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 0:10 Hello Mr. Ronnie. Hi. I have here that you have called me because I was in drowns that's why I couldn't attend you may know the reason why did you call me 0:29 I'm feeling alone in this hospital I don't want toNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 0:41 situation responding Could you tell me detailee what's what's making you feel alone? We are here to help you 0:52 I rang the buzzer 30 minutes ago but no one came to help meNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 1:00 let me apologise first Miss Ronnie I was attending round doc test so I couldn't utter new when you call me that image before please please try to relax we I will provide them I will help you 1:24 I'm suffering from painNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 1:29 okayNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 1:35 okay, I understand your suggestion Swanee. You're suffering in pain How do you feel about the pain relief medication which which which may give it for you 1:51 okayNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 1:54 Ronnie asked this pain medication which gave you is it effective for you? 2:01 No no Hello No it is not effectiveNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 2:15 okay okay, could you please read me your pain level on a scale of zero to 10 incidence no when the time was spent Could you please tell me 2:33 my pain score is level I'm not able be at this painNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 2:40 is a severe level of pain. Yes. I can understand your situation Miss Ronnie. This is severe level of pain. Don't worry, I will. I will inform to your daughter. Okay, he will come and see you and he will prescribe pain medication which is best suited suitable for you. Is it okay for me? Swanee? 3:05 Yes. Okay, thank you No, no, no,NB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 3:15 no. Okay. Okay, Mr. Ronnie, I will inform Doctor regarding your pain as pain scores. In shot in shortly He will come and see you. Okay, please try to relax. I will giveNB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 3:39 which really helps you to feel it helps to relax and Granville so that you can feel this level of pain. Okay. 3:52 hospital food.NB NURSE BHARATHI VELMURUGAN 3:55 Okay, this one I can convey consent to a dietitian so that they can make an a proper dietary reference. Regarding your condition, is it okay for you? Yes. Okay, thank you Swanee. I hope I have played out. If you have any. If you have any, anything to discuss, you can close the browser. I will come and help you. Thank you.


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