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SS. 1404 . Sanjana Nalupurappatil - Srivani Sammeta



IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 0:00 All right, as you can start nowNS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 0:08 how can you call it during the roleplay? How can I call you during the roleplay?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 0:19 My name is BonnieNS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 0:26 Hello, good afternoon Miss Bonnie.IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 0:29 Good afternoonNS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 0:33 I know that yes, a bit anxious. What happened?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 0:40 Nurse. I'm very much upset. I want to file a complaint against the hospital staff. Yesterday I rang the buzzer 30 minutes ago, but no one came to help meNS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 0:56 I'm really sorry to hear that. I apologise for that. Could you please tell me what happened? Why you rang the bellIS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 1:12 my car actually yesterdayNS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 1:18 I know from where case not here admitted because of a fractured leg what happened after that? Why did you rang the buzzer give me the exact reason for that reason what happenedIS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 1:48 yesterday my leg fractured back to the leg.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 1:57 Yes, I know that. That you all told that. You rang the buzzer. And no one needs that interview. Could you please do the access reason for that? What happened? today?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 2:16 I was feeling very much.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 2:21 Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you're in a lot of pain. If you don't mind, can I ask questions about your pain?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 2:31 Yes.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 2:33 Yeah. Okay. Please rate your pain on a scale which ranges from zero to 10. Zero is the least pay and 10 is the worst the worst pain.IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 2:45 My pain score is live and I'm not able to hear this pain. I want you strong pain killer.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 2:52 I'm really sorry to hear that. You are in a lot of pain weighted out of 10 I'm really sorry to hear that. Miss. Ronnie I already given given you one painkiller early morning. Yes. Oh, that isn't definitely theory, right. So what we can do, I will contact a doctor right away. He will prescribe you some strong painkiller. Is that okay for you Okay. Do you have any other concern? . What about your diet in a hospital? are you coping with it?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 3:56 Oh, I'm also deserts research guide about the hospital food also.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 4:07 I see. arrange a time during the dietitian will come and meet you. You can talk with him and make some direct direct differences to him. Okay.IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 4:27 Nurse, work to meet your doctor. Please arrange a meeting for me with the doctor.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 4:38 Yeah, I will surely arrange a meeting or discussion with the doctor for you and no need to worry about that. Okay, you can talk to the doctor that directly as well as the dietitian. Do you have any other concerns?IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 4:58 No.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 5:01 Okay, meanwhile you can relax from here. I will get right get the weather tight me the doctor now and he will prescribe you some strong medication. Okay.IS INTERLOCUTER SRIVANI SAMMETA 5:14 Okay. Thank you.NS NURSE SANJANA NALUPURAPPATIL 5:17 Thank you for your cooperation with me. If you have any other problem, please contact me. I'm here to help you. Okay, thank you.


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