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SS. 1354. Sangeetha Leema - Pushpalatha Boddupalli



NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 0:00 Hello, good afternoon.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:01 Good afternoon.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 0:03 My name is Sangeeta, the registered nurses working this community health clinic. Could you please tell me a name for my documentation purpose, please?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:12 My name is pushbarNS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 0:15 Pushpa meno the reason for your visit now.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:18 Nurse I'm the mother of three children aged 346 I have just noticed that my six year old daughter has head lice.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 0:28 Okay, sorry to know about that Pushpa. Have you seen any doctor for this earlier? Lee is the first time you should getting like this headlines.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:37 Known as are not cancelled any doctor is first time.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 0:42 Don't worry, Pushpa. I would like to explain you that his headlines are contagious. And no matter how clean, we are some time that our chances of getting this kind of headline, it is higher. Is your daughter going to school? Yes,IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:56 my daughter is 6/3 standard.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 1:00 Okay, so what I suggest is maybe you can contact the supervisor of the school, maybe some other children also may be having the same condition. So we exactly we don't know who's spreading this licence in their schooling. So I think what I can suggest is you could try to contact the supervisor and just tell them that your daughter is suffering from this. And maybe she can take some of the action. She can inform the parents of the other kids and she can take some action. I able to call in the push. Okay, nurse. Yeah, they have any other concerns?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:32 No, it's good. I regularly clean my children's hair. But I don't know how this happened.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 1:38 Yeah, we wonder the personal hygiene is good up. So since as you said she'd go into the school, maybe some other child, she must have got this one from some other child. So some time where these kids are playing together and cuddling and playing together. So chances are high and we cannot wait also, isn't it? Did you get my point? Okay. Yeah, what I can suggesting is you can buy a head lice comb from the shop. And also from the local pharmacy nowadays, they have this noble product which are natural based, you know, our dentists don't buy the chemical one. Here's the name you can right and give you the name his friends. Just inquire from the local pharmacy and you can buy this product and you can give a hell shampoo with that.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:31 Thank you for suggesting that herbal medicine because I don't like chemicals. Oh goodness, how can I apply it?NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 2:39 The direction will be given in that it is just like some other novel shampoo heavier doing the hair washing for your daughter the same like you can apply? Maybe sometimes they'll suggest you to apply and leave it in 15 minutes, you have to leave it and then she can have a nice patch. So maybe you can repeat it. And this one, the licence usually spread their playing or when cuddling you said you have other siblings or So isn't it? So you have to just keep an eye watch on those other kids also, just check for them. If they also have the same symptoms, symptoms, I suggest you to start the same treatment for them also.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:16 Okay knows.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 3:19 They have any other concerns which no notice. Here is the layflat which explained in detail about the treatment and control in the headlights. If you don't have do you haveIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:32 any other questions? No.NS NURSE SANGEETHA LEEMA 3:36 I hope I was able to clarify all your doubts in case if you have anything they can call me on this number. I'll be happy to assist you.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:43 Okay, nice. Thank you


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