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SS. 1338. Dayana Sheeba - Pushpa Boddupalli


SPEAKERS NURSE (77%), INTERLOCUTOR (23%) ND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 0:00 Hi, good morning.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:01 Good morning nurse.ND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 0:04 My name is Jelena. I'm working as a nurse in this Community Health Centre. How may I help you?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:10 knows I'm the mother of three children aged 346 I have just noticed and my six year old daughter has headlines worried about itND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 0:24 okay, sorry to hear that. Could you please tell me your name?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:28 My name is Pushpa.ND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 0:33 pushbar Try not to worry about that I'm here to help your child Okay, let me share the headlines are a contagious diseaseIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:46 okayND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 0:54 so try not to worry about that. Okay. And did your child is going for school?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:01 Yes.ND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 1:04 So I like to suggest that you can contact as school so that the children also will not affect us.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:18 Okay, nowND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 1:22 the next thing I strongly recommend you to use a headline is gone. It's readily available in the market. So if you use that form regularly, you can get rid of this condition.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:35 Okay, now please notice any natural remedies that I can use for my child as I don't like chemicals.ND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 1:46 He is best Pushpa. I do I understand your concern. Okay, so you can visit a local pharmacy. So the pharmacists will supply high level product. So natural one without any chemical, it's called by returns so you can use according to the pharmacist advice okay. Okay, and one more thing you can check your whole family members also because it's as I mentioned that it's a contagious disease. There is a chance of spreading because you mentioned that you have three children's and they are boring children so they will play together and what to the together so it's better to check all okay,IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:42 okay. I can doND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 2:48 you have any other concern?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:49 Yes nurse, but I regularly clean my children's hair but I don't know how this happened. I'm feeling embarrassed about it nurseND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 3:01 Velma as pushbar Don't be embarrassed that measure that as I mentioned up washing your child have regularly but there is a chance of spreading from other children because your child is going for school. Am I right? Yes. So try not to worry about that. Okay. And if you want more information, I will provide a leaflet which contains that treatment and the control of headlines. So you can go to it. If you have any doubts you can call in this number. Okay Okeanos of Canvas Bushka I hope I cleared all your doubtsIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:45 that yes nurseND NURSE DAYANA SHEEBA 3:48 container. So I hope you will follow all the instructions I have given to you. Okay, I wish you a speedy recovery. Have a nice day. Okay,IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:59 thank you know so thank you so much for your information. Have a nice day.


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