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SS. 1333. Shilpa Rooj - Pushpa Boddupalli


SPEAKERS NURSE (83%), INTERLOCUTOR (17%) NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:00 Hello, good morning.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:01 Good morning nurse.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:03 My name is Bob. I am one of the nurses, community health nurses working in this community health clinic. Please, please come and have a seat.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:14 Thank you.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:16 How may I address you?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:18 You can address me push back.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:21 Okay, push back. Could you tell me what brings you here today?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:26 No, sir. I'm the mother of three children aged 346 I have just noticed my six year old daughter has head lice and worried about it.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 0:39 Okay, I understand. I understand your worries. And it is a very frightening situation for any mother. No, but don't worry. We're together with understanding. Yeah, question sureness. Okay. Is this it lies for your daughter.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:05 This is I noticed that this before one week.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 1:11 Okay, so have you tried anything? Any self? Medication on something to treat this?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:18 No, nurse.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 1:20 Okay, thank you for your answers. So you told that your daughter has head lice, so don't worry, it is. It is or very contagious and no matter how you molecularly wash your hair. Okay. IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:41 Now as I regularly clean my children's hair, but I don't know how this happened. I'm feeling a man is debited nurseNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 1:50 when I understand this is very embarrassing for you. But as I mentioned that headlights are very contagious. And this can spread from person to person no matter how regularly you wash your hair. So this is not in our hands. So don't worry about that there are key points available. And I will suggest to you that okay. Okay, nervousness,IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:16 please adjust any natural remedies that I can use for my child as I don't like chemicals.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 2:25 Okay, I understand I will definitely recommend you the natural remedies. So here what I'm going to do is I am going to give you some reserves to manage this condition and after that, I will give you one leaflet regarding this and after that, we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Would that be okay? Okay. Okay, so, first of all, I'd like to tell you that you can contact the school or kindergarden, your children study so that you will understand whether your other student got or not because you know this is very contagious and ensconce breed from people to people. If you gather and work together are you following me?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:11 Yes nurseNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 3:13 okay and as human and as you are asking for the natural remedies for that I will tell you to go to any local pharmacy and you can get the harbour product non chemical so that is called pirate fields. Okay. So if you ask this to any local pharmacy, you will get it and this is completely natural product. Am I clear?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:39 Okay in is heavyNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 3:43 would like to suggest you to use headlights on that will be very small teeth. So this will really help to remove lice from the head and you can reduce the amount of lies from the daughter's head and that makes sense.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:02 He's got it Goodness Thank Goodness Thank you for the suggesting that herbal medicine.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:08 Well no issue no problem. And one more thing Lastly, I'd like to tell you that as the headline spread from people to people when playing cuddling or working together, it is very important that you check in your family that other members are having the same or not. Will you be able to do that.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:29 Yes, I will check my notes I will definitelyNS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:34 appreciate that appreciate why do you want patient information leaflet file you will get all the condition all the information regarding treatment and how to control the headline. How does that sound?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:53 It's good to hear.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 4:55 Okay, okay. Thank you for coming here and asking Other measures? If you need anything else, you can come here any time. And is there anything else that I can help you with?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 5:07 No, no, thank you.NS NURSE SHILPA ROOJ 5:10 Okay, thank you so much and we wish that you can allow me Thank you. IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 5:19 Thank you.


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