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SS. 1332. Sinimol Augustine - Pushpa Boddupalli


SPEAKERS NURSE (71%), INTERLOCUTOR (29%) NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:00 OkayIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:04 good morning nefs Thank you anxious nurse the mother of three children aged 346 I have just noticed that my six year old daughter has head lice and worried about itNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:36 I'm sorry to hear that you're going through such a difficult situation solution my new models please OkayIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:54 My name is Pasha and my title name is Mona and she a six year oldNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:03 okayNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:09 very embarrassed to do this condition condition conditionsNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:18 and I just mentioned the scope on a different kind of Shambles it isIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:40 known asNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:44 I can tell during this because I just conducted with many persons with the same disease alsoNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:00 called going student is itIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:02 okay nurse nurse is this head lice is the dangerousNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:10 sometimes can be dangerous because it can cause infections on the scalp. If it does not properly it can go further recurrence and further complicationsIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:23 okay now yes nurse please suggest any natural remedies I don't like chemicalsNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:32 okay in order to get some more understanding I would like to ask questions well pursued notIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:39 sure nurseNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:42 or child of school scolding student is itIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:45 right yes is my child going to school and she's third standardNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:54 in the same condition adultsIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:03 is known as mono only suffer with the headlightsNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:10 thank you for sharing this information. And now I would like to recommend your conduct school together information because there was also about these conditions and how isolated from the interaction syllabus but is it okay to kindly enjoy the smarter to theIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:44 okayness I can do it try noNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:58 explain in detail this document contains this Cutlass slice it can help remove this slice easilyIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:20 yes nurse avin followNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 4:34 product that combines products in a natural manner. Okay. Thank you. Artificial substance because artificial substanceNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 5:00 Ready this product from the local pharmacyIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 5:07 Okay, thank you so much for your informationNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 5:13 is there anything that I had to knowNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 5:24 because of cost and so, from infection she has already please check the scope. So, those are those families for other formulas scope for finding this place and if you find a pension because alsoIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 5:52 thank youNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 6:00 I can give also on how to take this conditionIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 6:05 okay.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 6:08 If you have concerns regarding this condition they can conduct not on this number I will be the future. Thank you.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 6:19 Okay, thank you


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