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SS. 1329. Rajya Lakshmi - Pushpa Boddupalli


SPEAKERS NURSE (80%), INTERLOCUTOR (20%) IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:00 Good morning Good morning nurseNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:08 My name is Raja Lakshmi one of the resistor nurses working in this Community Health Centre. Please comment heavy we'll seeIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:16 Thank you nurse okay then you can address me push powerNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:27 games and push What brings you hereIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 0:32 I'm the mother of three children aged 346 Just notice my six year old daughter has headlights I'm worried about itNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 0:46 okay sorry to hear that push can understand your situation being a mother and adolescence the concrete is to try to try not to be worried it will be gladly wash your head and then the lies will be a go anchor and new baby is going to score by know that we can ask a few more questions details about that babies Thank you for learning and babies going to school?IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:30 YesNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 1:35 okay. I would like to suggest your nemesis postpartum and do baby is going to school and she's going to conduct garden centre.IP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 1:48 Yes.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 1:49 So this is the mainly reason for maybe the baby. Anyone is having the babies are playing together. I go into school time they're gathering together maybe it may be spread, it will be spread. So no need to be worried further. You have to take care about the work. And whenever you're fumbling the penalise you have to be separated where babies come okay okay don't use two other kids when the other two more children's No. So don't use to all the members the same tooth comb and it may be it may be spread. So I would like to suggest to you to go to pharmacy and they will need will be available for the herbal products and natural with the natural language no chemicals is added in that that these are fairly thick it will be available we can be we can heal for the liceIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 2:58 oh thank you yes nice thank you notes for suggesting that herbal medicine because I don't like chemicalsNR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 3:07 yeah it's good whenever you gathered in your house people lead together there being no just wash with this happen hairbrush shampoos and blood products then it will be go and they just keep separate combs and all and maybe and please check your other children's for you. Okay all the family members maybe it may be spread and they be aware of that and use it for all the work it will be spread easily for the slice butIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 3:52 no if I regularly clean my children's hair but I don't know how this happened.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:00 Yeah, it will be the Bible the kids will be gathering school now maybe somehow one person is there it means it be easy to spread that one might be very for that it is a common condition this is it will be spread Okay. Gathering more places or otherwise school gardens and everywhere the kids is going playing with them means it will easily spread non edible very fun. I will begin for you the leaflet and you will go through for the treatment and it will we can control further headlines as to how any other concept Mrs. BushkaIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:38 yes nurse knows how can I apply the medicine for my child?NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 4:45 Yeah, we will give for the leaflet and according to that, no further when you are going to pharmacy and they will explain you and with the leaflet they will explain the detailsIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 4:59 then We can control further. Okay, now it's clear yes, it's clear nurse can have any other concern with known as you have clear my consent.NR NURSE RAJYA LAKSHMI 5:15 Okay, thank you Bushka IBCs speedy recovery where babyIP INTERLOCUTOR PUSHPA BODDUPALLI 5:20 okayness Thank you.


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